The Workout You Should Be Doing But Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

By | February 20, 2018
weightlifting and woman

There’s this myth in the fitness world that weightlifting is just a strength training,and will make you bulky if you’re a woman. But that’s all it is a myth. Body awareness, or being able to recruit the proper muscles in the right sequence, is key for moving in a way that is both efficient and safe in daily life.

It’s time to let go of your fear of strength training. Here are reasons to start lifting weights right now:

Burns more calories

weightlifting and woman

source: Healthista

Weightlifting will help you burn even more fat, shocked????? Studies have found that doing cardio results in loss of both fat and muscle, whereas strength training burns more body fat.

Improves metabolism

weightlifting and woman

source: Tony’s Kansas City

Strength training improves your metabolism. Studies have shown that weight training can help you burn more calories. It is found that women who lifted heavy weights for low reps burned nearly double the amount of calories. Sounds good, Isn’t it?

Decreases anxiety

weightlifting and woman

source: Exercise Right

Researches has shown that resistance training may be even more beneficial for mental health, people experienced less anxiety after resistance training and it reduces the chances of depression also.

Maintains blood sugar level

weightlifting and woman

source: DESIblitz

People who weight train have more white muscle than people who stick to cardio. Okay, so what does this even have to do with your blood sugar? Scientists found that white muscle is actually beneficial in keeping your blood sugar levels regulated, weightlifting can help regulate blood glucose. Unbelievable isn’t it?

Makes you feel more stronger

weightlifting and woman

source: Surrey604 Magazine

There is some ultra-empowering about weightlifting, when your body is stronger you feel it both physically and mentally. Weightlifting makes you feel more stronger than before and will satisfy you for sure.

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