Know Why Did Priyanka Chopra left Salman Khan’s Bharat

By | July 28, 2018
Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra left Salman Khan’s Bharat

Priyanka Chopra’s decision to leave Bharat was very surprising. And it is now in the headlines of Bollywood gossip. Ever since Priyanka left the film everyone is wondering what could have happened for the actress to take such a drastic step? The director Ali Abbas Zafar has confirmed the news on his Twitter page and hinted at Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ wedding. Although that is not the real reason of Priyanka Chopra to walked out of the film Bharat.

According to our exclusive source  “On one of her trips to India, Priyanka has started shooting for a couple of  days for Bharat, in Mumbai. Initially, she was very happy about her role as the film is all about a couple who falls in love, get married and grow old together as their life keeps coming in flashbacks. But while Priyanka was in the US, she kept getting news about the film and the addition of other cast too like Disha Patani (and her role was increased), then Tabu and Nora Fatehi and all had roles specially created for them. And Salman Khan is taking the call for these roles so Priyanka Chopra thought that she might could have face some problem that Jacqueline Fernandez has to face in Race 3 (by getting sidelined by Daisy Shah and the rest. ) And That’s why Priyanka Chopra thought it will be better to leave the film.”

Priyanka Chopra is very close to Salman’s family so apparently, she could not tell them what changed her mind. Hence, the engagement of Priyanka and Nick Jonas’ has come at an opportune time which satisfies everybody.  An engagement is a very excellent way to get over on these and nobody can question her that, not even Salman, who initially was apparently very upset about her walk-out.



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