Types Of Roommates You Can Never Forget

By | July 27, 2018
Types Of Roommates

The people you live are the people you’re still friends with the rest of your life. When you meet your roommates, your life becomes a lot brighter. Here are the types of roomies you met:

Types Of Roommates

#The ‘shopaholic’ roommate

Types Of Roommates

This one will have all the accessories you’ll ever need. Her most frequent dialogue would be ‘which one is better?’ She is always trendy, has a good sense of shopping, your makeup lady. She knows better which outfit suits you better even you can’t figure that out. LOL!

#The ‘Kitchen Queen’ roommate

Types Of Roommates

This one comes with a heart of gold and wants to feed you or anyone she loves with all she has on the menu. You might also find a meal cooked for you when you’re home, tired from the office.

#The ‘Social butterfly’ roommate

Types Of Roommates

They are the major selfie-takers and post it everywhere online and to sites which you might have not even heard of with many hearts and smileys and feelings etc.

#The ‘Tomboy’ roommate

Types Of Roommates

This one is the easiest to spot in the group. She’ll be the muscle who would be lifting heavy weights and would fight off a bunch of hooligans for you. She’s the one who would do the Nagin dance or the tapori dance and keep spirits high!

#The ‘Silent movie’ roommate

Types Of Roommates

She’ll break your sense of judgment and make you wonder what you felt for her before you knew her and be absolutely surprised with what she is after speaking to her for a few days.

#The ‘Chatterbox’ roommate

Types Of Roommates 

You’ll find yourself craving for a moment of silence and wish this one sleeps a little while longer. You’ll also land up missing her a lot when she’s not around and you realize how fast you got used to the continuous chitty chat around you.


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