Types of Girls You Should Avoid Dating

By | March 29, 2018
Girls You Should Avoid Dating

In any relationship, you can minimize some negative feelings like pain, heartbreak, frustration by choosing the right person to be with. This will save you a lot of misery, and heartbreak.

Here is the list, types of girls to avoid dating:

#The Drama Queen

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You can’t tolerate her drama. Drama doesn’t just follow her—she has a way of whipping it up all by herself everywhere she goes lol. It’s like everyone and everything is against her.

#The Desperate Chick

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Needy, controlling, manipulative, and very talented but at the same time if you don’t give her what she wants, she might threaten to hurt you or herself. This kind of girls you should avoid dating.


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She can’t make up her mind on her own, sooner or later you’ll realize that she depends on you for everything. Once you realize that she can’t live her life without you, you’ll quickly see that that kind of burden gets old really fast.

#The Extraordinaire

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She can be considered a perfectionist and expects other people to be the same. She’ll  raise her eyebrow at everything she sees in other people, never failing to miss a fault, but also never seeing the good side of things.

#Ms. Insecure

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Men and women can both be insecure, but this type of girl takes it to a whole new level. She’ll talk negatively about other people.

#The All-About-Me Woman

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She thinks the world revolves around her, so she feels entitled to everything, even your love. Weird isn’t it????? You may admire her confidence and strong will, but underneath this exterior is a selfishness and self-centered.

#The Barbie Doll

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She’s pretty, she’s charming, and she has a great body but low IQ. However, just hope she doesn’t open her mouth to speak her mind. These types of girls may be great to be with temporarily, but you won’t be able to bring her home to meet Mom. Girl with low IQ, are the girls you should avoid dating.

#The Material Girl

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It’s all about the money and the objects and what you can give her. From the get-go, she’ll likely compliment your car and your watch, and she might even ask about your job and how much you make. She’ll be such a sweetie if you buy her an expensive ring, but never ever come to her empty-handed, because she’ll be the coldest witch you’ll ever know.

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