Types Of Boyfriends Girls Generally Have!

By | February 5, 2018
types of boyfriends

You might never have considered your boyfriend to fall under any particular type because, you know Love is blind.

Here are the list Check them out:

1. The Bad Boyfriend

types of boyfriends

The one who is abusive, irritating, always doubts on her girlfriend and when they get a girl they show up their real f***ing face.

2. The over-protective one

overprotective bf's

The type that is overly protective, won’t even let other guys see her girl. Cute or annoying????

3. The Insecure Boyfriend

insecure bf

The kinda boyfriend who is always jealous of other guys.

4. The Loving Boyfriend

loving bf

This kind of boyfriends remember every sorta details about their girlfriend (dates, favorite movie,actor etc etc) extremely loving and caring, most of the girls love this kind.

5. The Desperate Boyfriend

Then there is the type who’s up to down and dirty all the time. He’s always there when you’re in the mood!

6. The practical one

He doesn’t let emotions cloud his decisions and always needs a logical reason for everything.

7. The ‘never available on texts’ one

no texting

You could call him and meet him but when it comes to texting he is not available. We all know that the unanswered texts hurt quite a bit!

8. The Mean Boyfriend

mean bf

The kinda boyfriend who is mean, always think from their point of view, not at all understanding and not really the type we girls admire and like.

9. The Nice Boyfriend

types of boyfriends

Only ideal for being a crush not for relationship.They’re not really the boyfriend material but tries hard to be, sadly, just can’t be the one!

10. The Best-Friend-Boyfriend

best friend kinda boyfriend

He’s understanding, caring, involve in every activity you do and are fun and outgoing. Simply, the best to date!

11. The Perfect Boyfriend

types of boyfriends

Appreciates who you are, makes you a better person,gives you space,wants to introduce you to his friends etc etc. Rare to find. Isn’t it? ;p

Perfection doesn’t exist, but there is someone imperfectly perfect out there for you. ;)

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