TV Shows That Were Promising But Have Now Lost The Plot

By | February 26, 2018
TV Shows that lost the plot

If you have watched many of our Indian TV shows, you have very painfully realized that all things must come to an end. No matter how good or bad they were but they must reach the end of the line one day and just stop.There are some TV Shows that lost the plot .

 1. Splitsvilla

Always there is a question ,Why would you put on a reality show with dumbass models trying to win lame-ass drunk party challenges? we understand that it is because of  I understand that for many of those models, this is a start to their TV careers but for most of us with sane minds, it is an abomination that must be terminated.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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2. Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

At starting the Taarak Mehta was a guilty pleasure.But now portraying over the top unfunny characters and now they are converting there stories on hate stories series.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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As time has passed, the show has become more mundane than it was ridiculous and needs to be put an end to, for the sake of all mankind.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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4. Arrow

This show gave DC fans an excellent version of Death stroke and somehow brilliantly managed to set up an invasion by the League of Assassins. That being said that rarely has anyone fucked up with the character of Ra’s Al Gaul so we can say that considering the right show is in,either kill Felicity or give us a damn break.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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5. House of Cards

It is one of the Hollywood shows Started with an eye-catching political thriller but has gradually turned into a boring story filled plot lines.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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6. Modern Family

This show is based with USA and also other parts of world.At previous it shows about  effectively dealt with the supposed issue of homosexuality in a efficient manner. But now the shows become extremely dull and the jokes are not even remotely funny anymore.

TV Shows that lost the plot

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