Top 10 best cities to roam in India

By | February 9, 2018


Mumbai-The Film City

The first place to visit in  India is:-

Mumbai also know as”city of Film”.It is also  called as“Bombay .It is the capital of the state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is a blend of people belonging to various castes, culture, and religion.From the point of tourism Mumbai offers an amazing array of places to visit.There are many options for expeditions to the neighboring hill stations and ancient caves that surround Mumbai.Mumbai is approachable by land only from the north and east, Island.Mumbai is an important rail center.  The headquarters of India’s Western Railway and Central Railway are located in the city. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation and other State and private companies provide bus service to and from the city


The Second place to visit in India:-

delhi images

Delhi is the capital city of India and is regarded as the heart of the nation. The capital city is divided into two sections popularly known as Purani Dilli or Old Delhi and Nayi Dilli or New Delhi.Delhi is a city where ancient and modern blend seamlessly together.Delhi has a modern, well-planned and extensive Metro network that connects all corners of Delhi.Many of the old Monuments are Situated At Delhi of Ancient periods.It is amazing to witness the coexistence of both the ancient and modern world in one city that showcases a diverse culture as well as traditional values.As we know that Delhi is divided into two parts.The people of Delhi are referred to as Delhiites or Dilliwalas.


The third place to visit in India:-

Kolkata, generally known as the city of joy, where people are considered to be one of the unique humans who believe in enjoying life over anything else in life. Though, it is the capital and financial city of West Bengal people still carry the traditional lifestyle of the Old School era.Basically kolkata is also called as Calcutta.  Kolkata is the capital of the Indian state of West Bengal. Located on the east bank of the Hooghly River,  The city is regarded as the cultural capital of the country.It is also know as second largest city in India.It has their own traditional in film,theater and Literature.


The Forth place to visit in India:-

Kerela is Famous as known as  “Gods own Country”.In Historical age its known as “Keralam” kerala is  said to be  land of  coconut.Kerala lies along the coastline  Kerala has the lowest positive population growth rate in India.Kerala is an established destination for both domestic as well as foreign tourists. Kerala is well known for its beaches, mountain and its nature too.The land of Kerala is believed to be a gift of the Arabian Sea. The  state of Kerala is full  with tourists throughout the year.


The Fifth place to visit in India:-

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Jaipur is also the biggest city in the state of Rajasthan,Jaipur is commonly known as the ‘Pink City’ due to its  buildings which were  painted in pink with the intention of reflecting the beautiful Mughal cities’Jaipur is a popular tourist destination in India.Jaipur architectural planning may have been ancient, but its execution was definitely modern .Jaipur is worldwide famous old  Architecture, Vastu, Astrology, Forts, Monuments, Palaces etc.


The Sixth place to visit in India:-


CHANDIGARH    The deity ‘Chandi’, the goddess of power and a fort of ‘garh’ laying for “Temple”.It is  the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana, and the Union Territory of Chandigarh it is a prestigious city.It is also know as “The city of Beautiful“.The Chandigarh is located in north of India and surrounded by three states Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh. It has one of the highest per capita income in the country.The city got its name from a temple “Chandi Mandir” located near the city. In india it is considered as well organized City.


The Seventh place to visit in India:-

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Ahmedabad, is also known as Amdavad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat, it the fifth most populous city in India., It captures all visitors with its diversity of places, religious and ethnic communities. It is also a financial capital of  Gujrat State .Ahmedabad was once known as the city of mills.because of various mill establishment .Ahmedabad’s  culture is world renowned culture  and many foreign tourists visits Ahmedabad every year In terms of Geographically Ahmedabad is a Center of Gujrat.


The Eight place to visit in India:-

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VARANASI ,It is also said  to be Benares, or kasi, lies  near banks of the Ganges in the Uttar Pradesh state. Varanasi is a one of 72 districts in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a popular holy city  of Indian State. varanasi is an old city and still follows the same traditional culture till now. People of various  religions like  Hindus, Jains believe in the rituals of  this holy city. Hindus belives  that death in the city will bring salvation. The city is known  for its many ghats, steps of stone slabs along the river bank are made for performing a ritual ablutions.This city truly demonstrates  for India’s rich culture.


The Nine place to visit in India:-


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Mysore is offically named as “Mysuru”.It is third most populous city in the state of Karnataka.Mysore is famous for its heritage structures and palaces,Mysore was once the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore .Mysore is also named  for its exceptional quality of Mysore Silk and  its unique taradition of painting ,it has many educational, commercial, administrative centers and heritage monuments.It  is called the City of Palaces as a number of palaces are situated in the city..Mysore is a tourism hot spot and also acts as a base for other tourist places in india. It  is the cleanest city in India and one of the most well-planned ones.

PONDICHERRY  @ The White Town

The Tenth place to visit in India:-

The city of Pondicherry is Situated on the coast of Bay of Bengal.  Pondicherry, is an extremely vibrant town. it is growing economically and developing in to a major tourist hub. Pondicherry, now known as Puducherry and commonly referred as just Pondy, is one of the seven Union Territories of India. Pondicherry is a centre to learn the art of yoga, meditation and spirituality. It is also Famous for Beaches ,Temples Etc.


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