Things Every Girl With A ‘Dusky Complexion’ Hates Hearing!

By | February 6, 2018
dusky women

If you’re dark skinned, you must have suffered. Being a dusky woman in India is tough.

Here are things dusky girls are tired of hearing:

1. Your complexion will get much better, Why don’t you use a fairness cream?

dusky skin

This one has been shot at us so many times, even from distant relatives .From besan to rose water, the suggestions are never ending but we don’t need to match your idea of beauty.


2. You must be from down South

dusky women

And saying this makes you a racist. LOL !

3. Just put a filter on your pictures, no one will be able to tell you have dark skin

dusky women

My dusky complexion needs no filter, but is there a filter for you, the one that makes you look smarter? The answer is NOOOOOOOOO.


4. Please don’t buy yellows and pinks, you look darker in them

dusky women

You shouldn’t give advice when no one has asked for it.

5. Fair and beautiful bride wanted

dusky women

So fairness is your only criteria to know my worth????? How pathetic !!


6. And Ladke wale be like “Ladki agar gori hoti toh shayad baat ban jaati”

dusky women

So many Indian women get rejected for marriage because of their complexion. Worshiping Lord Krishna and Shani Dev is devotion but marrying a dusky woman is a shame.

Yes, they look different from others, but they’re not. Remember that success and happiness have no color.

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