Things You can Relate If You’re From A Small Town

By | January 2, 2018
small town life

Living in a small town has its own perks.. your small town is way different from the big cities. The roads, people, each and everything. The life of small town people is better than the people living in big cities. Let’s find out why????

Here are few things only small town people will understand:

#No one knows where your small town is, your first statement is like “You probably haven’t heard of it.

 small town life

#Nightlife = LOL. All shops/entertainment options are closed by 9 pm.

night in town small town life


#No pollution no fog, You can literally look at the sky for hours at night.

sky small town life


#Big cities always attract you to explore things and you are always thinking about moving. ALWAYS!!!!

big city small town life


#You are known to Everyone if not by name then at least by face. I know who you are  LOL !!!!

crowd small town life


#No traffic issues, the road is all yours, broom!!!!!!

road car small town life


#Lets hangout.. wait but where?????? the same place not again.

small town restro small town life


#Rumors and gossips are enough to make your day.

gossip small town life


#Safety in your hometown. You never have to care about it.

small town life


#Neighbors.. you can’t hide from them they are everywhere…everywhere!!! 

small town life


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