Taboos: ‘shhhhhh’ don’t talk about it

By | December 29, 2017
taboos in India

TABOO is an activity that is forbidden or sacred based on religious beliefs or morals. We are yet to fight so many taboos, following your culture and being rooted in it is a different thing. Taboos the biggest foes of our society, we need to come together and fight against it.

The most common taboos in India:


 taboos in India


Talking about menstruation in public is wrong, it is definitely not a part of our culture. A girl undergoing menstruation is unclean, and thus should not be allowed to pray or do certain other things, many of us follow restrictions during our menstrual cycles, whether it’s in our homes, our relatives’ homes or at any religious event.

Very few cultures across the world have acknowledged that menstruation is a natural phenomenon. The silence and shame around the menstrual cycle have caused severe problems for girls.the origin of the taboo certainly seems to be the discrimination that women have had to face from primitive times.


Homosexuality taboos in India


Homosexuality is an issue which still raises a lot of eyebrows in our society. It defies the law of nature and people who are homosexuals are under some bad influence. Why do some men and women become homosexuals???

The reasons could be many: lack of love from near and dear ones, fear of the opposite sex, ease of opportunity to explore sexuality etc. From the legal point of view, the structure of our body and incapability of two men (or women) to reproduce is ample proof of that.

Getting attracted towards the same gender is wrong but at the same time, it is the same love and affection one can give to the  opposite gender which is  natural and normal. Homosexuality is said to be a condition of body and mind, but still, we find it wrong and unacceptable, our society needs to think about it and shouldn’t consider as taboos in India.


sex taboos in India


Sex one of the most natural and beautiful things mother nature gave us, but still, we don’t talk about it in public places. Sex before marriage, sex after marriage, virginity, tradition, love, marriage, sexuality aren’t we tired of hearing. Since years sex is considered as a taboo in most reserved countries.

We are not allowed to talk about it, think about it, as it considered as a ‘bad’ thing. In extreme cases, it’s also referred to as cheap and vulgar. But as soon as the sex discussions shifts to marriage wise, it’s considered as pure and holy.

Educated, experienced, independent, career oriented, modern, fast growing, almost same rights for both gender as both usually work this defines our society, then why is sex still a taboo? we need to take initiative to change the mind-sets of our society.


 transgender taboos in India

Transgender is one of the most common taboos in India, who are they??? Transgender are those who experience a mismatch between their gender identity or gender expression, and their assigned sex. The outcast of the society and the subject to discrimination and sexual abuse, there is still a long and struggling war against the proclaimed society in restoring the dignity of the ‘Third Gender.

No law or government would ever be able to give them the dignity they need the most. They are treated as sexual abuse for the society. We should respect them as we respect others, they are not different from us we all are humans and we need to overcome from this.

#Say No TO Taboo


It is sometimes hard to believe that we are living in the 21st century, change is inevitable, and slowly but surely. A society is judged by the people who live in it. We all must broaden our horizons, break away from age old myths and embrace a more progressive and happier tomorrow. “Fight for change. Start talking what men avoid talking about.”

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