Struggles Of Getting Ready That All Girls Can Relate To

By | February 21, 2018
makeup struggles

Those makeup struggles that makes you feel awful, when a girl steps out wearing flawless makeup, guys don’t know realize what she had to go through. It may seem easy to put on some foundation, powder, blush, lipstick and eyeliner, but putting on makeup is an art.

Here are 10 makeup struggles all girls can definitely relate to, let’s find out:

Watching Tutorials for Hours & Still Failing

makeup struggles

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No matter how many hours a girl spends watching makeup tutorials, her makeup looks always turn out looking like a complete fail even if you follow every step exactly. So heart breaking, isn’t it?

Mascara on Eyelidsmakeup struggles


Every girl knows the struggle of putting on a couple coats of mascara on her top lashes and ending up with mascara on her eyelids, Ahhhhh. so pathetic, then she has to attempt to wipe it off without smudging her eye shadow, but that never works, it’s such a hassle.

Finding the Perfect Color Lipstick

makeup struggles

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Finding the perfect lipstick color can be a tiring task because it looks completely different when it’s worn on your lips. Basically it feels like you’re on a treasure hunt to find the right color that works for you.


Trying to Master Liquid Eyeliner

makeup struggles

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Girl’s better know the struggle that goes along with trying to get your eyeliner on perfectly. Liquid eyeliner is so messy, tough to get a grip on, and one misstep will leave a bunch of product all over your waterline, your eyelid, and underneath your eyes and you end up with their eyeliner all over the place.

Lipstick on Your Teethmakeup struggles

source: StyleCraze

Funny isn’t it. Every single girl has experienced this after applying your favorite lip color,  few hours later, your friend comes up to you to let you know you have a glob of lipstick on your two front teeth. Ugh!

Trying to Get Eyebrows Just Right

makeup struggles

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Most people have eyebrows that are a little off, no matter how hard you try to make your brows symmetrical, one is going to be higher, longer or thicker than the other. Most girls will spend forever and a day trying to get their brows to line up, but eventually, they just give up.

Completely Ruining a Good Contour

makeup struggles

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For everyday wear, contouring can be a little off putting, especially if it isn’t blended well enough. Most of us are still struggling, this is one beauty technique that we all consistently fail at.

Holding Back Tears in the Name of Beauty

makeup struggles

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A girl knows if she’s going to an event that will make her cry, like a wedding or a funeral, her makeup is going to look like trash by the time the event is over, some girls will do whatever they can to fight back the tears. It’s too bad for a girl if they can’t show their emotions when they’re wearing a full face of makeup.

The Winged Disaster

makeup struggles

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Getting perfectly winged eyes is a dream that may never come true for most of us. No matter how patient you are, you’re bound to mess up the application at some point. Usually, one wing looks amazing, and the other wing looks like it was applied by a four-year-old.

Removing Makeup

makeup struggles

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But we’ve all heard the horror stories of what happens when you don’t take your makeup off at the end of the day. All girls know how important it is to wipe off all products before they go to bed, but putting on makeup and putting it off both are toughest things to do.

Those are few makeup struggles that every girl can relate to.

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