SRK’S Movie “ZERO” Teaser Released || Review

By | February 8, 2018
SRK'S Movie Zero Teaser Released

SRK’S Movie “ZERO” Trailer Released

Shah Rukh Khan has kept his promise by announcing his upcoming movie Zero’s Trailer and it’s casting among the viewers. In the video we have seen the little Shah Rukh Khan dancing in underwear in a free style. The Trailer starts with the adjective like Paagal, Aashiq, Shaayar, Makkaar, Kamzarf, Mental,Dildaar,Khotta,Dhokebaaz,Behayaa, Batameez, Matlabi, Chichora,Delair,Maqbool,Isqhbaaz,Lucchaa and so on all these type of characters are willing to played by Shah Rukh Khan generally, so that we can guess that it is one only our favorite Shah Rukh Khan. The Movie is produce under the direction of Aanand L Rai  In the movie Shah Rukh Khan is playing a role of a vertically challenged man or a dwarf.

SRK’S Movie “ZERO” Teaser Released -King Khan also released the poster of movie. He has tweeted the posted with the message “इतना सारा प्यार!!! #2ZERO18 की शुरुआत बढ़िया हुई…3.2 करोड़ लोगो के प्यार के लिए शुक्रिया। Thank u to the 32 million on Twitter

SRK’S Movie “ZERO” Teaser Released- About the Camera || How the look Created.

SRK'S Movie Zero Teaser Released

Now when we know the in the movie SRK is playing the role of vertically challenged person so the question occurs here is how is it possible to look a 5.8″ man to be look like a 3 ” man. So all these done with the help of special camera. their is a technique called Forced Prospective shoot, in which we can show a small thing to look big on the screen and vice verse. To make a small thing bigger on the screen we have to put that thing nearer to the camera and to make a bigger thing into small we have to keep that thing away from the camera. But when it comes to movie it shoots in two different shorts the one where all the normal people is shooting and the one where SRK is playing it’s vertically challenged role. And after that they will merge the both seance that will look amazing on the big screen. Well it takes time and money both and that’s why the film is under direction since 2 years ago.

 SRK’S Movie “ZERO” Teaser Released- Viewers Review

SRK's Upcoming Movie review

Yes by seeing the views of the movies you can assume that how far the fan following of Shah Rukh Khan is. But when it comes to the movie there are lots of comments on the movie and of course about SRK’s little height, Some says it will rock the box office at the end of the year while other take it as a joke, they are trying to make fun out of it. But as far as when it comes to SRK’S Movie ZERO Teaser Released it will make the viewers more curious and restless to see Shah Rukh on the screen.

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