Remake Of Ek Do Teen Is Just A Tribute To Madhuri, Do Not Compare It Said The Star

By | March 22, 2018
Remake Of Ek Do Teen

Remake Of Ek Do Teen Is Just A Tribute To Madhuri, Do Not Compare It Said The Star

After the official launch of Jacqueline Fernandez’s Ek Do Teen, it has become the headlines of news, social media and many more as people started comparing the Remake Of Ek Do Teen to its original one. Before going forward let’s check out the original details.

Know Why Madhuri Dixit’s Ek Do Teen is Unbeatable

The song Ek Do Teen is a very famous and on the lips songs which I have ever heard in the late 90’s. Actually, the song is from the movie Tezaab (1988). It is an Indian Action romantic movie starring Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit in lead roles. This song has given Madhuri Dixit her first big break and made her an overnight star. Not only that this item number song has also changed the Bollywood Industry’s point of view. Obviously, we all know that Madhuri Dixit is unbeatable in dancing, her dance movement and the way she dances with open heart make her a unique. She is a born dancer. After the song released she got so many opportunities and again there also she proofs the statement of being a born dancer. I know that many of you were expecting to watch her Ek Do Teen, So let’s check out the original Mohini.

Coming To Remake Of Ek Do Teen

Although the remake version of Ek Do Teen is not much populated as the original one but Jacqueline has contributed a lot it, she looks pretty, her expressions were good, even her costume also a quite resembles with the original but the problem begins with the point when people started comparing both the item number. Even the stars of the film, ‘Baaghi 2’ Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani stated that this is just a tribute to Madhuri Dixit. It is very hard to get a homogeneous reaction especially when you are creating a remake version of any song.  Over here the only idea behind Ek Do Teen was to pay tribute to the legend like Madhuri Dixit, Nobody can match up to her.  People are comparing and you can’t compare it to Madhuri Dixit. This is just a tribute to her. It’s nothing even close to her.

Even Salman Khan Also Reacted on Jacqueline’s Ek Do Teen

Salman Khan has also appreciated Jacqueline’s performance and mentions that she has done full justice to the legendary moves of Saroj Khan, however, it is very difficult to compete Madhuri. Also added Nice 2 see Varun n Jackie to our songs makes us proud n keeps d songs alive n fans listening, dancing n having a blast. Makes me proud.  Enjoy Karo !”

Before moving on let’s check out the Remake Of Ek Do Teen


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