Realities that Prove Indian Society Will Never Change for Women

By | February 23, 2018
modern Indian woman

The woman in modern times is entering into certain new fields that were unknown to the woman’s sphere of role-sets. They are activating participating in social, economic, and political activities. The brutal reality of life is that no matter what women do, they will be judged. Modern Indian woman will be judged not because she wears something different just because she is a woman.

Here are few disturbing things every girl can relate to:

She is incompetent because she can’t work late

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She can’t work late in the office means she is focused on her personal life and if she is working late night they will say may be her husband doesn’t care for her or she is frustrated with her marriage or maybe she is dating someone at work.

She wears western clothes to lure men

modern Indian womansource: Betabrand

People believe it is to lure the world and get some favors if she is is wearing western clothes. If they are adorned in traditional Indian outfits, then they are out-dated or not hot enough. Modern Indian woman these days are truly allowed to dress the way they want.

She drinks means she is available

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If she is not drinking or smoking she is not your type kinda stereotype but if the lady is cool with drinking and hanging out, it also signifies that she is outgoing which for most also means she is ‘available’ and hence one can make a move!

She got promoted because she is a woman

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If a modern Indian woman manages to do well in her career, men definitely feel that she got their only,  because she is a woman or maybe she is dating the boss. How pathetic why do they judge us in that way, being a woman in India is a curse.

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