Few Question That Every Parent Should Ask His Child To Make Him Successful

By | May 7, 2018
Every Parents Should Ask To His Child

If you want to make your Child more Successful and a good Human Being, Then Every Parent Should Ask His Child such type of Question instead of these Questions???

# When Your Child comes from School you generally ask Questions like-

  • Have you finished your Lunch Box or not???

  • Tests are Conducted or not???

  • How’s your test gone???

  • How many marks you are going to get???

  • Had your madam written anything in Almanac???

Don’t you think such type of Questions are the only formality that every parent is performing, and it doesn’t help your Child on his Upbringing?

If you want to change your children’s future and wants to make him a Good Human being and more Successful then ask Questions like this on a very daily basis-

Q1. My Child, Have you helped someone on today???

helped someone on today

Source: Parents Place

This Question will develop a helping nature in your Child from his growth age, and create a compassion inside him. 

Q2. To whom did you share your Lunch Box???

sharing nature

Source: Pinterest

It will Develop the importance of giving and sharing in his life.

Q3. My Child, What you have learned from other Children???

children learning from others

Source: English India

It will help your child to notice good things on other people. Then your Child will learn to find good things from worst.  

Q4. My Child, Had your marks improved as compared to last time or not???

compare yourself to your past self

Source: galaxy

Always compare your Child by his own self rather than other Student because every child is Unique and have a different speciality. This question will improve your Childs day to day performance and prevent to create jealousy from others. 

If you are going to do this from today you don’t need to worry about the Moral values hoe to feed in your child. That will Build Moral and ethical values automatically in your Child.

And, When your Child comes from School always give him a warm hug rather than annoying to him for dirty clothes and shoes, because it is scientifically proven that such Hugs give so much peace to your child’s heart. 

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