Posture to Drink Water should we stand or sit

By | January 24, 2018
Posture to Drink Water

Posture to Drink Water

Should we Stand or Sit

We all know the benefits and importance of water, Milk or any kind of other fluid item in our life but do we really know “How we should intake it ? “. It has been a great controversy that what will be the┬áPosture to Drink Water should we stand or sit.

According to Ayurveda if we drink Milk, Water or any fluid item in standing Posture, it directly hits to our lower part of esophagus which may lead to a very serve condition known as Gerd or Gastroesphegal reflux disease and that is why it is advised to drink water, milk or any other fluid in sitting Posture.

Posture to Drink Water

Another important thing related to the Posture to Drink Water is that whenever we drink water, milk or any Fluid item in standing position and gulp down all in one breath without stopping then our Kidney is not able to filter the water or whatever we intake properly and due to that the impurities get mix with the blood and which later may cause to heart related problems moreover impurities also damage our urine system too.

Why we should take it sip by sip and not culp all at a sudden

There is another tip not to drink water, milk or any other fluid item all at a sudden because our stomach capacity is about 800 to 1600 millimeters(mm) and if we intake all the water at a sudden then it cause to stomach to pulsate because of the high volume of water and also distend the capacity because of the weight which may cause an intense abdominal pain. Meanwhile if we sit down and drink water, milk or any fluid item sip by sip then our stomach will not distend because of the support it gets from the stomach cavity.

Posture to Drink Water- Cause to Arthritis

Posture to Drink Water

Consuming water, milk or any other fluid item in standing position can cause to Arthritis later in life, because while doing so it disturb the balance of fluids in the body and that often leads to a greater accumulation of fluids in the joints thus triggering Arthritis like ache in the Joints.

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