Why PewDiePie Has Become The Internet’s Biggest Star

By | August 11, 2018

PewDiePie is a popular “Let’s Play” YouTuber who is the most subscribed individual on YouTube with over 63 million subscribers. Felix Kjellberg is the man behind the PewDiePie persona. PewDiePie made a name for himself  “Let’s Play”videos, he records himself playing a game, sharing footage of both the gameplay and his reaction to what’s happening on screen. His random, off the wall behavior and reactions have earned him a lot of viewers, especially when he’s playing through horror games.  A college drop out who played games full-time on YouTube, he has said, “not easy” to discuss with his parents. From more or less the beginning, though, Kjellberg’s videos were a hit. He founded a new name PewDiePie in 2010 and began uploading videos of himself playing horror games, which he would narrate in absurd, exaggerated ways. Kjellberg has built YouTube’s largest audience and signed to Disney-owned Maker Studios.

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Well, he’s commonly described as a video-game commentator, it’s probably more accurate. Kjellberg’s YouTube persona is enthusiastic; his delivery is underproduced and unscripted. “YouTube breaks the barrier between the audience and the creator,” Kjellberg told the magazine. “They feel a connection to the one they’re watching.”

Awards Won By PewDiePie 

Year Award Show Category Result
2013 Starcount Social Star Awards Most Popular Social Show Won
Sweden Social Star Award Won
5th Shorty Awards #Gaming Won
2014 Teen Choice Awards Web Star: Gaming Won
4th Streamy Awards Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series Nominated
Golden Joystick Awards Gaming Personality Won
2015 Teen Choice Awards Choice Web Star: Male Nominated
5th Streamy Awards Best First-Person Channel, Show, or Series Nominated
Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series Won
Golden Joystick Awards Gaming Personality Won
2016 8th Shorty Awards YouTuber of The Year Nominated
2017 43rd People’s Choice Awards Favorite YouTube Star Nominated

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