Padmaavat Review || Story || Box Office Collection 2018

By | January 27, 2018
Padmaavat Review

Padmaavat Review

As we all know that the movie Padmaavat has released on the 25th of January,2018 and yes it can be say that the movie is one of the top most expensive movie with the production budget of 200 crore (US $ 31 million). Initially it was scheduled to be released on 1st of December,2017 but later on it due to plenty of controversies it was rescheduled to be released on 25th of January,2018 in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D. Padmaavat is the first movie in India who is released in IMAX 3D.Although Multiple of changes has been done and a lot of movie seen has been deleted but the movie is successful to attract a lot of traffic to the box office. It has taken an excellent opening of around 50-55% as per the early reports.

According to a report on, the film is successful to collect an estimation of 18 crore on its first day at the ticket counter.

Padmavat Review

Now let’s come  to the casting and the story in movie Padmaavat has the casting like as Deepika Padukone playing the role of Rani Padmavati, Shahid Kapoor playing the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh, Ranveer  Singh as Alauddin Khilji. Padmaavat is 2018 epic period drama bollywood movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The film is based on the story of Rani Padmavati, a Rajput queen who committed jauhar( custom of self-immolation by women ) to protect herself from Khilji. The current era of social media discourages about history are countless, but there is one thing that remain common in all the versions that she was a women with unprecedented beauty.

Padmaavat Review

The jauhar of Rani Padmavati has given her a golden like stature in the history of the state because it was among the first there sakas of Chittorgarh. The adversary , hence, is Alauddin Khilji who attacked Chittor and led to Ratan Sen’s execution.

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