Noodle Should Not Have Twice A Week

By | January 25, 2018
Noodles should not have more than twice a week

Noodle Should Not Have Twice A Week- Know Why

Noodles should not have more than twice a week

As we all know that Noodle is a fast food item which means is contain a high amount of preservative in it and are highly processed, it contain very little or approx to no nutrition but instead provides access calories and fat. As the name suggest it is very easy and less time taking to prepare foods, but it gives only fat, sugar, calories. That’s why it is advised Noodle Should Not Have More Than Twice A Week. According to a research to is said that noodles contain some form of solution in it so that it remain non sticky after cooking, But let me tell you this that this solution may effect our health to very serve condition. Which later may cause to disease like Obesity, Heart Diseases, Type2 Diabetes, Peptic Ulcer etc.

Noodle should not have more than a twice,

What Are The Factors That Makes It Harmful

Now it will be a little clear to you that why Noodle Should Not Have more than twice a week let’s find more factor that make it harmful, Mostly Noodles are made up of Maida (Refined Flour) which make it more unhealthy and indigestible. According to an analysis by the World Instant Noodles Association, India stands in the fourth position in the global instant Noodle consumption.

It contain Monosodium Glutamate as well as tertiary- butyl hydroquinone– A chemical preservative to enhance the taste and for preservation purpose. These type of solution decrease our internal digesting system weak and that cause to different different problems like Heart Diseases, Obesity these are the common example and that is why we should not have Noodle more than twice a week.

Women who are tends to have Noodle very recently have the higher risk of metabolic syndrome than those who eat less regardless their diet and life style.


So the conclusion is that excess consumption of these type of Noodles or any other beverages can only trigger to Obesity and also the metabolic ailment like Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension and heart related issue.

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