Few  New Year Party Ideas

By | December 30, 2017
new year 2018

Just after the Christmas weekend, its time for New Year’s week. Everyone has now started planning things for their New Year’s party. But before celebrating it at home, office celebrations are done. The office New Year’s celebrations are a way to thank the colleagues for their awesome work throughout the year.

Planning is difficult and to help you with it here are some party ideas. Check them out:

#Theme party


The theme party is one of the best ideas. Get all the teams dressed up according to one theme and plan tasks and games based on that only. You can go for Masquerade ball, retro,  Bollywood etc. You can even go for some out of the box theme too.

#Karaoke sessions


You can plan for a karaoke session activity in the office. Select a theme of songs to sing and incorporate some activities in the competition. Set criteria for the winner and distribute small prizes.



There are plenty of ways to have a great office party. One of them can be potluck. You can ask every colleague to bring one item each and this way you will have variety of dishes to relish. Divide different items between various teams.

#Indoor Party


You prefer privacy and want to celebrate your New Year party day with a few of your close friends. Well, partying at home is an option for you. There is no other comfortable and cozy place than your house to celebrate New Year’s party with your relatives and close friends. It would be a great family get-together on the occasion of New Year’s celebration.

#DJ night

dj night

You can plan for a DJ party. What can be more happening than grooving to your favorite tune? For more entertainment incorporate some competitions like Balloon dancing and one-legged dance etc.

#One day trip

one day party

You can plan a one day trip with All Your Near Ones . Choose a nearby place, which is in your budget and make arrangements for superb DJ night and party there. Partying somewhere out with bonfire and dance is the perfect way to celebrate New Year.

#Pool Side Party


Chilly water in a month of December is enough to set your pulse racing. Party at a poolside is ideal if you have fat budget and many guests to invite. Outstanding poolside party is all about barbeque, cocktails, music, and splashes of cold water.


New Year’s party celebration tips:

Just a few tips and tricks, and your guests will admire you for throwing such a wonderful New Year’s party. Here are things to keep in mind to make your party rocking.


  • The most exciting part about New Year is making New Year resolution. Though New Year resolution is for breaking than keeping, there is no harm in making one. Ask your guests to make a New Year resolution. Keep surprise gifts for funniest resolution, weirdest resolution, etc. 
  • Instead of going out for dinner or ordering food from outside, ask your guests to prepare one food item at home. There would be enough and variety of food at the party. Bringing food from home would be less expensive. 
  • New Year eve’s party decoration should be according to the theme of the party. If the theme of the party is ‘funfair’ then there should be stalls for food rather than usual buffet. 
  • Music is must at any party. Select good music numbers prior to the party. Make sure that all records, CDs, and music recorders are playing well. The choice of music will be different as per the age of your guests.


A few days to go and the year 2018 will bang on the doors. A clock will struck 12 and we will hear happy cheers. Everyone will wish one another a very happy and prosperous new year. Crackers will illuminate the sky and the New Year will come. It will be the time for new beginnings. Enjoy your New Year’s celebration and rock the party.

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