Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage? Which one works better?

By | January 11, 2018
love marriage or arranged marriage

“When will you get marriedSo what would you prefer an arranged marriage or a love marriage?” I think it’s too early to answer this question. Isn’t it??????? Our generation feels that marriage is unnecessary or terrifying as it leads to various issues. Marriage in itself has become more of a challenge than ever. Let’s see what really happens in an arranged marriage than in love marriage.

#Beti ,khaana bana leti ho???

marriage interviews

Arrange Marriage: Cooking and other stuff should be in your veins, only then you will be approved by his mother, father, and family too.

Love Marriage: You don’t need any approval, because your partner loves you for the way you are.

#Mama’s Boy, jaisa maa kahegi waisa hi hoga!!!

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Arrange Marriage: Maa da ladla!!! After the wedding, a girl is allowed to do only what her mother-in-law would say ‘YES’ to. And a guy is not allowed to say ‘NO’ to what his extended family wants him to do.

Love Marriage: Freedom is there, you don’t have to convince your laws because your partner is with you. what a relief !!

#Hume dahej nahi, sirf aapki beti chahiye. LOL!!!!!!!

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Arrange Marriage: Asking for a car or home as a gift is not considered as dowry, Right???? Humne apne bete ko itna padhaya sab to kuch nahi hai !!! Itna to dena hi padta hai !!

Love Marriage: No one can demand for dowry because your partner will not let them.

#Golmaal Hai Bhai Sab Golmaal Hai !!!

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Arrange Marriage: Never met before, don’t know whether he’ll like me or not and what about understanding???? Crap !!

Love Marriage: Just be together and love each other. No second thoughts.

#Bahu, chai kaha hai?

love marriage or arranged marriage

Arrange Marriage: It is all about doing what others want you to do, and you’ve to do else they will be like ” maike walo ne kuch nahi sikhaya????”

Love Marriage:  Your partner already explained them everything, you don’t have to prove yourself. So just relax !!

#Aakhri Khwahish: Pote ka muh kab dikha rahe ho?

love marriage or arranged marriage

Arrange Marriage: Just for making someone else happy, you have to fulfill others’ desires. Nobody will ask you whether you are ready or not !!

Love Marriage: Your partner will make sure that when you are ready for a baby, then only they will have a baby.

Marriage is a tough decision, you’ve to sacrifice or have to adjust else it won’t work. whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage you will find some bitter taste in both the situations.

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  1. priyanka jha

    Will do love marriage one time and will do arrange marriage again..


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