Have A Look of The First Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw

By | July 5, 2018
Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw

Get Ready For A Cool Ride Even In The Auto-Rickshaws

The General Secretary of the Bihar State Auto Rickshaw Association, Mr. Rajkumar Jha said that the association had submitted the proposal for launching a prepaid Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw service around a month ago. He added ” We are already in talks with various auto manufacturers and one of them has told us that it would introduce Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw in the city market soon. Presently, such kind of Autorickshaws are available in Bangalore and in a few towns of Kerala,”

Rajkumar Jha has also cleared the fair chart of Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw. He said “The minimum fare will be Rs 30 and a person can travel a distance of 2km at this price. Even if a person travels half a kilometre, he or she will still have to pay Rs 30. The fare will increase by Rs 15 with every kilometre. This means a passenger will pay Rs 45 for travelling a distance of 3km.”

Not only that “For security purpose, the driver and the auto owner’s mobile number will be registered, along with their personal details, so as to keep a track on their activities. At present, we are keeping all these details with us under the prepaid facility,” said Jha. Even the Divisional commissioner Anand Kishore, who is also chairman of the RTA ( regional transport authority ), welcomed the proposed Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw and said on regards  “I am soon going to hold a meeting with the RTA secretary about this. I am yet to go through the proposal of the auto association, but so far it sounds very good. Residents will be definitely benefit if this service is made available to them,”




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