Let’s Know, Few Unrevealed Facts About Kamakhya Shaktipeeth

By | May 9, 2018
Facts About Kamakhya Shaktipeeth

In this Article, we are going to know about some interesting Facts About Kamakhya Shaktipeeth of Assam. It is one of the most respected & admirable spiritual destinations of our country. This is one of the Shaktipeeth belongs to Goddess Kamakhya which is the tantric form of Goddess Durga. Kamakhya temple serves as a magnet for visitors, explorers, pilgrims and tantric sages from each side of the nation and globe. With regards to enrolling tourism or religious places in the NE, Assam’s Kamakhya sanctuary positions number one in the list.

There are numerous uncommon realities and Facts About Kamakhya Shaktipeeth not known to all. Probably the most interesting and obscure certainties are listed-

uncommon realities about Kamakhya sanctuary

Source: Journal Edge

#1. Kamakhya is the most established shakti sanctuaries

Kamakhya is the most established shakti sanctuaries

Source: templepurohit.com

There isn’t much verifiable record telling when and how the temple appeared. Engravings of ruler Samudragupta at Allahabad bear the most punctual references of this sanctuary. It is however trusted that Kamakhya sanctuary is the most established among all Shaktipeeths that our nation has. It is viewed as one among the 52 loved Shaktipeeths that our nation is specked with.

#2. Kamakhya symbolizes reproduction

symbolizes procreation

Source: Maverickbird  

The sanctuary according to Hindu Mythology symbolizes the power of reproduction that each lady has. It is said that Sati’s yoni or ‘vagina’ and ‘womb’ fell on this zone when Lord Vishnu crumbled Sati’s body with his Sudarshan chakra keeping in mind the end goal to mollify the angered Lord Shiva. These two sections of the Goddess remain an emblematic portrayal of the ability to make a new life that each lady has. Likewise, Indian Mythology tells this is where the goddess used to have her personal experiences with Lord Shiva and that too flags the beginning of another life

#3. Goddess menstruates in the month of Ashad

Goddess menstruates in the month of Ashad

Source: jagran.com

Goddess at Kamakhya is an exemplification of womanhood and it is trusted that every year in Hindu month of Ashad; i.e. around June-July the Goddess drains or bleeds. The doors of the temple are shut during that period for three days. On the fourth day, the doors of the temple are tossed open for devotees and a colossal combination of sages and devotees just surge into the sanctuary. During this time Ambubachi Mela organised at Kamakhya. It is said that during those days the water of River Brahmaputra, which is associated with the Kamakhya temple’s Garbha Griha, turns red. This is taken as a sign of Devi’s feminine cycle. Lal Vastra and this heavenly water are frequently circulated among enthusiasts as a token of the Goddess’ blessing.

#4. Garbha Griha of Kamakhya sanctuary has no goddess

Garbha Griha of Kamakhya

Source: Osho News

The Garbha Griha of the sanctuary is a give in with no icon or picture of divinity; rather there’s a yoni-formed sculpture engraved on a stone and it’s viewed with respect by the devotees. A characteristic underground spring soaks the stone constantly.

#5. The Present Temple was set up by a king

Kamakhya Temple was set up by a king

The present sanctuary of Kamakhya was built by the Coochbehar king, Naranarayan in the 17th century. Amid the 16th century, the temple got destroyed in order to re-built by the ruler.

#6. A stairway leads to the temple is half-done

A stairway leads to the temple is half-done

Legend has it that evil presence Naraka who was infatuated with Goddess Kamakhya once proposed her to get married to him. Mata Sati gave him a condition that in the event that he could develop a staircase beginning from the lower regions of Neelachal parvat paving the way to the sanctuary inside a traverse of only a night, she would promptly accept his proposition. Naraka began his work to inspire the goddess. However did not finish the work as he heard the rooster crowing and thought it was morning as of now. In all actuality it was not really. The goddess had played a trap on him by influencing the rooster to crow erroneously. Hearing the rooster crow the evil presence got baffled and left his work half done which is the reason there is a half done stairway to the sanctuary.


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