Kajol & Ajay Celebrating Anniversary In Singapore

By | February 23, 2018
Kajol & Ajay Celebrating Anniversary

Kajol & Ajay Celebrating Anniversary In Singapore

Kajol & Ajay Celebrating Anniversary on 24th of February at Singapore with their lovely children Nysa and Yug. Kajol and Ajay Devgan are celebrating their 19th year of anniversary, on 24th February 1999, Ajay and Kajol got married.

To celebrate their marriage anniversary they took a break from their busy schedule and depart to Singapore and spent some quality time with each other and with their children too.

According to a source, Ajay and Kajol will complete their 19 years of marriage on February 24. They are taking a small break from their daily routine and along with their son Yug, are departing to Singapore, to be with Nysa, who’s studying there. The intimate celebration will only include the four of them.

Kajol & Ajay Celebrating Anniversary

On an Interview, Ajay had shared his prospectus ‘what makes theirs a successful marriage’, He stated “I think one just needs to be happy and keep the other person happy. There is no secret mantra to a successful marriage, you just have to give other people as much importance and respect all your life. One just has to believe in commitment and things go right.”

Earlier Kajol too revealed the reason behind her successful marriage with Ajay with the words “I think our relationship has worked only because I speak a lot and he quietly listens. So the secret to our happy married life is that Ajay doesn’t say much which makes a complete balance between us.” she also added “We don’t give any benefit of a doubt to our partner anymore. Today, we’re just waiting for the person to make a mistake so that we can pounce on him and tell, ‘hey now I am one up there. Now you see.’ I think marriages and relationships cannot be like that if they have to be successful!”

Although on the Big screen together their acting is not very much convincing to the viewers but their real-life understanding matches completely and that’s why we are seeing them together celebrating for such a successful running relation.
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