IPL 2018 Is In VR…What Does this VR Mean? Why Virtual Reality is next Gen Gaming Platform.

By | May 9, 2018
Virtual Reality

Feel The Virtual world with this upcoming Gen technique called VR.

Have you ever heard about VR? Have you ever feel the essential visual effect of any game or any 3D HD movie?? How is your experience? Virtual Reality is just the next level of those sensations. You will come to know the difference between the actual and virtual life, only after having an experience of it. So what is a Virtual Reality in actual? What is the use of it? What are the best VR available in the market to enhance the visual sensations? All these type of question will end up with this article, so keep reading.


What Is VR?

Virtual Reality is a fully immersive computer simulated environment, that gives a user the feeling of being in that environment instead of the one that are actually in. Although a lot of Video Games have already developed their technology to put the user in an interactive world. True Interactivity should allow a user to move all around like forward as well as backward or turn through space in the virtual environment and that do not feel us like we are just watch a 3D movie. When we are able to move freely in to that environment and even interact with things in it our brain can truly perceive that world is real and that is what Virtual Reality is. VR is best known for Gaming purpose.


What is the requirement of a phone to Support VR Box?

This is also one of the major question ever asked. Things usually happens is that we have bought a new Virtual Reality box but then it just not work with the mobile we are using… Let’s check out the the requirement of the mobile to support a VR Box.

First of all the mobile which we are using should have a gyroscope sensor and it should be at least 4.7 to 5.5 inches screen to get immersive experience So always remember to check the specification of the mobile before you buy it.


Virtual Reality

How do I watch the IPL 2018 in VR?

Now that is the big question stands here ? How to watch IPL 2018 in VR? There is a live telecasting channel called Hotstar. Just need to install that into your smartphone and the connect your mobile device with the Virtual Reality Box set. And here you are ready to enjoy the live match at home but with the feeling of watching it live in the stadium. But always remember to check all the specification needed to support a VR Box.

Content of VR ?

Content of VR includes so many things like Virtual Reality Videos ,360 videos,3D Images ,3D Videos,3D games and VR theatres and much more.

Here Are best customer reviewed VR Box?

#1.  JT VR Box 2.0 Virtual Reality Glasses

Virtual Reality

This VR is ideal for those who wants a best buy in small budget. Let’s check out the specification of it.

  • Support 3D side by side video and Virtual Reality game, you can search for “3D split screen” to find suitable videos to play,
  • You can search it on youtube Android OS| search “Cardboard” in Google Play (needs Android 4.1+).
  • IOS OS: search “Cardboard” in App Store| Compatibility: iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 / S5, Google Nexus 4/ 5/ 6, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi3 Features.

Its customized designed T-shaped straps make the Virtual Reality box adjustable depending on your need. Its design can also help decrease the pressure on around your eyes so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoy the movie or game.

Virtual Reality

The Jt VR box is compatible with all Android and iOS phones measuring between 4.7 Inches and 6.0 Inches screens.

Virtual Reality


The additional Bluetooth remote controller can control selfie-timer mode, mouse mode, video/music mode, game mode and 360 degree rocker.

Virtual Reality


#2. Procus One Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality

Now it is no so budget friendly but its quality and features are just mind blowing. Let’s check out the specification.

Virtual Reality Headset with 42mm lenses

This Virtual Reality present you with the pair of VR glasses featuring the largest lenses available! Measuring at 42 mm, you can enjoy an expanded Field Of View, surpassing 100 degrees! Wearing the headset offers a fully immersive viewing experience, allowing you to stream movies and pictures, play video games and enjoy your phone’s apps like you’ve never had before

Eye Safety and Viewing Comfort

This VR protect your vision, without compromising your viewing experience. This VR glasses are made with superior quality, polished HD optical resin lenses with 8 layer nano-coating, imported to India via special orders to outfit our headset. The glasses’ lenses offer an unparalleled FOV, while they also reduce eye strain and glare, affording prolonged and comfortable headset wear.


Smartphone Compatibility with both Android and iOS

The superior quality headset works with all smartphones that have a gyroscope. For any device in the make of 3.5” to 6” screen size, the device can well conveniently be used. The Virtual Reality headset with brands and models not just limited to iOS and Android but cross-platform devices like Samsung, Lenovo K4 Note, HTC, Windows, LG and many more.

Product Specifications:

– Lens Cleaner Technical Specifications: Glasses
– Type: 3D Glasses
– Brand Name: PROCUS VR
– Model Number: PRO1 3D Glasses
– Type: Polarized
– Lens: Aspheric Optical Lens Design
– Lens Diameter: 42mm
– Sight Adjustment: 76.5mm-85mm
– Color: Black
– Material: Plastic, Leather
– Support System: Android / iOS / Windows phone – with gyroscope function
– Supports 3.5-6 inch Smartphones with built-in gyroscope
– Product Net Weight: 380g
– Product Size: 205*140*100mm


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