Indian Games Which Bring Out The Kid In You

By | February 17, 2018
childhood games

Well, there were many games we use to play during our childhood days and even now if we play those games, the kid inside us comes out along with a lot of childhood memories. Board games or outdoor games whatever it was it added fun to our childhood days. Even now most of us enjoy the games we use to play during our childhood days.

Have a look!


kancheMarbles or as I love to call Kanche! It’s almost unbelievable when we use to have innumerable marbles, and with every win, more would add to my small bag full of achievements. ‘Kanche’ use to be the only treasure for kids. Even now whenever i see those kaches i feel like i want them all.


                                   Sitolia or Pitthu


One of the most popular outdoor and exciting games of its time called ‘7 stones’ in English is seen just in our memories. But, more than the game, to find those perfectly shaped stones in 7 different sizes felt like a treasure hunt.

                                     Gilli Danda


This rural game played with a longer stick ‘danda’ and a smaller one ‘gilli’. It was fun playing this game.


kite flying

Colorful kites trying to go beyond the sky. The time when kids used to gather at their rooftops to fly kites, and had competitions. Even now if we see the kites flying we start remembering our childhood days.



This game use be very interesting, 4 chits namely Raja (1000 points), Mantri(500 points),Chor( 0 points) and Sipahi (300 points), the fun while playing this childhood game was when you got the chance to say “Police Police Chor Ko pakdo.”

                                     Chidiya udd

chidiya udd

This was one of the best childhood game, and what about a tight slap on the back of your hand on making a cow or a buffalo fly? HA! HA!

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