How Well You Know Your Hymen?

By | January 29, 2018

The society judges a woman by her purity,and her virginity plays an important role.

This placed so much stress on the hymen, that a lot of us believed that no hymen means no virginity.

So Girls Here Are 9 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Hymen.

1. The hymen doesn’t tear the first time you have sex.

Opposite to the popular belief,the hymen need not tear the first time you have sex. Virginity is just a stupid concept we are taught to believe in.

2. Daily activities can break your hymen. 


Vigorous physical activities like horse riding, long jump, cycling and doing full splits can also tear your hymen. And no, it doesn’t mean that you no longer are a virgin.

3.Some women are even born without a hymen.

women having no hymen

While most of the women are born with hymen,there are a few who are born without it.And it’s nothing to worry about.

4. Hymen is not the gatekeeper to the vagina.

hymen isn't gatekeeper

Hymen does not stand between the penis getting into your vagina.This is just a random lie to keep girls away from having sex.

5. They come in different sizes and shapes.

different types of hymen

Yes vaginas have different sizes. Some hymens cover half the vagina, some cover the entire vagina and some don’t even have a hymen.

6. Much like the vagina, the hymen also is elastic.

elasticity in hymen

When a penis enters the vagina for the first time, the hymen also stretches with the vagina. Hence, it means that it instead of breaking, it just stretches to accommodate the penis.

7. If you’re scared of ‘breaking’ it during your first intercourse, it can be done beforehand by masturbation. 

sex toy

There is no pool of blood when a penis enters you. But if it all scares you, you can start masturbating using fingers or a dildo. This makes the hymen ready for penetration.

8. The hymen can stretch back to its original position after a while.

hymen comes in original position

After sex the hymen can go back to its original position. The hymen stretches, and with inactivity, it goes back to its original shape and size.

9. After breaking, it does not necessarily flushes away.hymen may stay inside the body

The hymen may still be inside the body after sex. It stretches and finds a place somewhere in the general vaginal area, and stays there for a very long time. It may even stay inside for the entire life.





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