How Do Married Couples Living In Joint Families Manage To Get Intimate?

By | February 7, 2018
Indian couple

In most joint families, finding the space for intimacy with your partner can be a real issue. When you feel the urge to kiss him after he does something sweet for you, but you can’t. Because you’re surrounded by your family members.

Here are few things married couples face while living in a joint family:

1. You cannot sit in the bedroom with doors and windows closed

Indian couple

Cuddling, small pecks, hugging, etc seems to be impossible because it might happen that when you are making out, suddenly someone from your family knocks the door.. awwww mood spoiled, the solution to this could be, be clear with your parents that you would need privacy.

2. Oh! Damn…The noises

Indian couple

There is no way to stop them! Elders just ignore it, but the young ones may ask you questions about the strange sounds. The solution to this could be play some music while having sex.

3. Short pajamas, shorts, skirts you cant wear them

 Indian couple

All you can wear is long, loose pajamas etc etc, there is no chance that all these clothes turn your husband on, you have to wait till everybody sleeps.

4. You can’t plan small things or just surprise your partner


You can’t plan small things like candle light dinner, or a make out plan at your own terrace or late night shows, they will ask you questions or will ask if they can also join them for the night shows.

5. Kids make romance difficult

Indian couple

You were making out and suddenly your kid just woke up crying, or you are in a good mood but you can’t kiss or do anything because you are surrounded by your kids.

It’s quite difficult for the married couples who are living in a joint family, but after all these they somehow manage to enjoy their sex life.

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