Haj Subsidy Scrapped :: Good or Bad

By | January 17, 2018

The government of India withdrew the Haj Subsidy on Tuesday.

The government use to give discounts on Air India flight tickets to Haj pilgrims. Apart from the discounted air fare, the Haj pilgrims were also provided assistance to reach specially designed Haj departure airport terminals and assistance in meals, medical care and lodging was also provided.

But, is doing away with the Haj subsidy really a bad idea?

what about the poor who used to go to Haj will not do so now?

According to ‘the Supreme Court’ Haj subsidy is not discriminatory.

The government’s decision to end the Haj subsidy has drawn mixed reactions from different corners.

Muslim leaders have also demanded that the Center utilize money saved from the Haj subsidy on education of Muslim girls.

NSUI national secretary Aamer javeed called it “another act against Muslims”. He said, “It will be a serious setback for underprivileged Muslims.”

Apart from these the idea of scrapping Haj Subsidy is to use the funds for educational programmes, especially for girl children of the minority community.Though it seems a good idea, but at the same time religious conflicts has also taken place.

Why only Haj subsidy,other religious subsidy should also be withdrawn.

Is that fare enough???? Only one community of the society will suffer and the rest will enjoy the subsidy.

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