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By | March 22, 2018
taste of gujarat

Gujrati just cannot follow or go on a diet. The flavors of Gujarati are basically a beautiful amalgamation of Sweet ,Sour and Spicy tastes. Here  are some mouth watering Taste of Gujarat which one must try on when they visit Gujarat.

1. Dhebra

It is cutlets or vadas made from dough of millet flour, methi leaves and spices are deep-fried or shallow fried. Basically this Recipe is prepared during cold winter season for evening snack or dinner.

Taste of Gujarat

source YouTube

 2. Khandvi 

It is a healthy snacks that we cannot stop by eating.It is soft roll made up of gram flour that melt at your mouth.we can say that it is popular mouth watering dishes of Gujarat.

Taste of gujarat

source Sify Bawarchi

3. Undhiyu

Undhiyu is the most popular mix vegetable dishes famous at Gujarat. Undhiyu is basically named as Gujarati word which means “Mix vegetable”.It is cooked at earthen Pot as a traditional way.

Gujarati Dishes

source Wikipedia

4.  Dal Dhokli 

It is sweet spice dishes of every Gujarati.It is made of boilung thick wheat flour noddles and it has combination with “Dal”. and it is usually eaten with rice.

Image result for  Dal Dhokli 

source Archana’s Kitchen

5. Chorafali

Basically “chorafali” is a type of papad usually fried at special Occasion .The best combination to have this is with “Tea”.

Gujarati Dishes

source YouTube

6. Locho 

Locho is made from a combination of lentils which are soaked ground to a paste and steamed.we can say basically it is also one type of dhokla which is found at street food of Surat at Gujarat.

Gujarati Dishes

source Wikipedia

 7. Mohanthal

We can say that it is a traditional Indian sweet especially famous in the state of Gujarat.Basically it is made up of besan barfi with stuffing dry fruits.

Taste of Gujarat

source  Times Food – Times of India

8. Magaj

Magaj is also a delicious sweet dish usually prepared on Diwali. It is made from gram flour, ghee, milk and sugar.

Taste of Gujarat

source YouTube


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