The Funny Girl “Prajakta Koli” The Internet Is Falling In Love With

By | January 31, 2018
Prajakta Koli

Known for her YouTube channel, Mostly Sane, Prajakta Koli a former radio presenter is an has seen a phenomenal success in a span of 2 years!

prajakta koli

Reluctant at first, she finally gave it a try with her first video on ‘Types of Singles on Valentines Day’.

Last year she urged her followers to write to her, she noticed that most of them were battling body shaming in one way or the other. As a result, she started a movement #IPledgeToBeMe to tackle the same.

Prajakta has constantly addressed different scenarios in her video –  things like awkward Indian traditions,types of girlfriends, Drunk Girls At Bars and the list goes on.

Other than videos revolving around life, she also releases videos on #SawaalSaturday, where she answers questions that the audience posts.

prajakta koli

Her simple antics, girl-next-door charm and innate talent instantly made her a hit.

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