Five Thoughts You Have Before Your First Kiss

By | February 13, 2018
thoughts before first kiss

Kiss is something everyone wants to experience.It feels like butterflies in your stomach.And if you haven’t kissed yet.You are missing something very special. There are various thoughts you have before your first kiss. The first kiss hard to forget.It sends jitters down your stomach.But it also makes you nervous.But for now, you should stop thinking,and start kissing.

Here Is The List Of Five Thoughts You Have  Before Your First Kiss.

1.Does my mouth smells?

thoughts before a kiss

When you are going to have your first kiss you are already nervous.Bad breath is a complete turn off.So a person gets conscious of his breath before kiss.

2. Who should make the first move?

thoughts before kissBefore your first kiss many thoughts run in your mind.You are nervous. You are unsure about making the first move.

3.What if I am a bad kisser?

thoughts before 1st kiss

You always think that what if your partner is an amazing kisser.And you don’t have any experience.What if you ruin the moment.

4.What type of kiss it should be?

thoughts before first kiss

Since its your 1st kiss you may be confused.How big you should open your mouth? Whether you should use your tongue or not. And if you use your tongue ,how much will be enough.

5.How to end the kiss?thoughts before first kiss

When you have your first kiss you don’t know how to end it.You are confused how long a kiss lasts anyway?

Happy Kiss Day.

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