Few Things You Need To Figure Out By Yourself

By | April 6, 2018
Things You Need To Figure Out By Yourself

Learning is merely a component of life, like the limbs of the human body.  We can learn a lot from others, but some things in life must be experienced to be truly understood. Below you will find a list of 6 such things, the things we all must figure out for ourselves.

#Nobody will tell you when it’s time to go

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People can dole out advice on your life and relationship but it will always be about how you should theoretically leave. It depends on you how you should fix things…you can listen to the advises but the last decision will be all yours.

#Nobody will tell you that your life is pre-determined more than it is your own decision

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We like to believe that people can become whoever they want but statistically, that doesn’t always play out that way. We are often the products of what we are provided at young ages which we can’t deny so accept the truth and be happy.

#Nobody will tell you when you’re headed for something painful

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They won’t tell you the truth never ever when you’re headed for something terrible. They’ll downplay it with reasons like it’s going to be okay, and how you’re so strong and that you’ll definitely make it through and blah blah. Avoid such things.

#Nobody will tell you that you made the wrong decision

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The truth is that telling you it’s the wrong decision won’t help you once it’s been made. But that makes it so much more difficult when you’re trying to decide if you made a big enough mistake.

#Nobody will tell you that your unhappiness is your issue to resolve, and yours only

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Well, actually, it’s because the truth of the matter is that we can spend our whole lives blaming other people and circumstances for why we’re unhappy which is not going to help us or make us happier. The day you realize that your happiness is solely your responsibility is the day you actually can be happy. So,stop blaming others or the circumstances try to take responsibilities of your own faults.

#Nobody will tell you when you’ve gained weight

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Funny isn’t it? But nobody cares how close you are with a friend or how much you think someone will tell you if you need to cut back on the fast food, they will downplay it as much as possible. The brutal truth  is that people will do anything to avoid telling you the honest. That’s the reality.

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