Famous Bollywood Celebrities who are battling serious disease

By | February 17, 2018
Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

Health is the most important  for our lives. But sometimes it is too difficult to manage both health and workload simultaneously. The celebrities do a lot of efforts to stay healthy and fit. Instead of that  there are some Bollywood celebrities who are suffering from serious diseases. Have a look some of the Famous Bollywood celebrities Diseases.

1. Manisha Koirala

Manisha had been suffered from  “cancer” and went for  surgery on 10th December.. The surgery was successful. The Bollywood had given her awarded for  performance of her lifetime by battling cancer and coming out on Famous Bollywood Celebrities

 Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

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2.  Amitabh Bachchan

He  had been suffered from a disease named  “Splenic Rupture & Myasthenai Gravis” while shooting an action scene for Coolie in July, 1982.he lost a lot of blood.The doctor declared clinically dead but recovered completely after a few months and resumed filming later that year.He is also one of the old and Famous Bollywood Celebrities

 Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

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3.  Saif Ali Khan

He had been suffered from a diseases named as “Heart attack” in February 2007.He was immediately rushed to Leelavati Hospital, where the doctors confirmed it to be a mild heart attack .Finally  It seemed that this was a heredity trait as ancestors in Saif’s family have already suffered from these kinds of life-threatening incidents. he is also a Famous Bollywood Celebrities who usually makes many  movies.

 Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

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4.  Hrithik Roshan

He had been  suffered from a” blood clot “in 2003.he rushed suburban hospital in Mumbai . After a checkup by the specialist Reports showed a blood clot in the brain and he  was decided that he  had to undergo surgery immediately.But he told “I am absolutely fantastic. Even with the hole in my brain, my spirit is intact.”He is one of the Famous Bollywood Celebrities

 Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

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5.  Shahrukh Khan

He is known as “King Khan” and also be called as  King of Surgeries.He had been suffered  had 8 surgeries in 25 years including his ribs, ankle, knee, neck, eye and shoulder. His medical history has been always critical.Many surgeries happened with Shahrukh khan,Instead of that only he didn’t skip his job and yet making a many movies.he is also one of the Famous Bollywood celebrities.

Famous Bollywood celebrities  Diseases

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