Do You Even Know What Real Feminism Is?

By | February 19, 2018

The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes, this is what ‘FEMINISM’ actually means. What you think do we need it? I would say YES we need it. If you really want to judge a woman, judge her for her capabilities, her achievements and nothing else.

If the society is thinking that we don’t need feminism than you’re wrong you must think again!

#Real Feminism asks for equality, that’s all

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Not because we are women just because we are human beings not different from men, a fair share in everything.

#Feminism doesn’t ask for time deadlines

Feminism and time

Crimes can happen anywhere, anytime but not a girl only it can happen to a guy also. Why only women has to suffer why not you lock men after 9:00, so that women can enjoy their freedom.

#Feminism doesn’t judge us based on clothes.

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The only cause of Rape is not the amount of skin a woman shows, it dependents on the criminal, not the victim. Why after every rape case we hear the same thing ” did you see what she was wearing?”

#Feminism doesn’t pass judgments

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If a man can have multiple sex partners, why not women? What’s wrong in this? How can the society judge a woman if she is having multiple sex partner,as a ‘SLUT’ but man as ‘STUD’. Why this type of slang for woman ?? why?

#Feminism doesn’t favor female child

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Which is completely wrong. Hello! We’re living in the twenty-first century and we still think that men take the family forward. That’s bullshit!!!!!!!

#It asks for equal rights,no special demands


Why do we have to restrict each other based on someone’s gender? Don’t go there, this is not the right way to talk or sit, you can’t abuse, you can’t make male friends and the list goes on….we have restrictions and boundaries everywhere but we don’t need them because we know how to live in our limits.

The word Feminism would have vanished if our society had taught man to respect woman and let her enjoy her freedom with no restrictions.

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