Dating Rules By Modern Ambitious Women For Men

By | April 3, 2018
Dating Rules

There is something about an independent, highly qualified and well earning woman, they wish to be with a guy, who is strong mentally, financially and emotionally and want a guy who is actually proud of their achievements rather than being intimidated by them.

So, here are some new dating rules that every successful and independent woman want:

 #We both are equals

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In every single sphere of life, I want you to never look down upon me, true equality begins with mutual respect and constructive communication.

#I won’t wait hand and foot on you

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Be responsible, you too are a grown up adult and are capable of doing that yourself.

#This relationship is not my life, always remember

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It is a very important part of my life for sure, but I have a life beyond you too and I would love for you to respect that. There are more important goals in life that are to be achieved.

#I want my fairy tale too, little surprises

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Just because I am busy with my work doesn’t mean I don’t wish for you to surprise me. Take me out on special dates and pamper me a lot.

#I am mature enough to decide my own company

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I will never leave my friends for you if you make me choose out of the two until and unless they are misbehaving.  I have the right to choose my own without taking your approval unless of course your reasons are justified.

#I really mean what I say, never get confused

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If you don’t give me my space, interfere in my life, put a lot of restrictions, fight unnecessarily and I tell you that if you continue to do this, I shall leave you without a second thought.

#I will not try to change you and would expect the same out of you

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Both of us should be who we really are. Only then will we be true to ourselves and to this relationship.

#I want us both to respect each other’s passions in life

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I would want both of us to let our passions fuel us and never shall we be a hindrance in each other’s choices.

So,these were few dating rules which a modern ambitious woman wants to be followed.

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