Curious Phenomena That Occur on Our Planet

By | April 9, 2018
amazing things on planet earth

Earth is full of mysteries and amazing occurrences, making us believe in the magical powers of Mother Nature. The planet we live on is strange, and stranger than we could ever imagine!

Here are few things which will amaze you for sure:

#Lightning storm volcano eruption in Chile

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The reason for this magnificent occurrence was the electrification of rising ash particles by the magma. Lightning is generally observed in the lower part of a developing ash plume. The volcano erupted with lightning tearing the sky, causing much terror.

#Snow donuts or snow rollers

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They sometimes look like big donuts or ice tires, as if nature itself came to play snowball with us. It is a rare meteorological phenomenon that is generally cylindrical in shape.

#Red rain in Kerala

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The southern Indian state of Kerala was left in amazement in the year 2001 because it was pouring red rain. However, later studies confirmed that the cause for the color red was airborne spores from locally prolific terrestrial green algae from the genus Trentepohlia.

#The Eye of the Sahara

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Also known as the Richat Structure, it looks like a big wide eye, hence the name: the Eye of the Sahara. The center of the dome consists of siliceous breccia, measured at around 30 kilometers.

#The bioluminescent bloom

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The bioluminescent bloom in Hong Kong, also known as sea sparkle, is said to have been formed by farm pollution. This seashore is lit so beautifully but the reason behind it pollution.

#The crooked forest

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Planted in 1930, there are around 400 pine trees bending strangely northward. And it’s still a mystery why they are like that. It has been assumed that they were bent by human intervention of some kind. But still its a mystery.

#The Ijen Volcano

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The Ijen Volcano, famous for its blue lava. As these gases come into contact with the oxygen present in the air, they turn blue. Blue no longer stands for cool here. Alongside Ijen is the world’s largest sulfuric acid crater lake, which was formed by the blue lava. Its glory is best seen at night and its beautiful to watch.

#The underwater waterfall

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How can a waterfall be formed under the water? strange isn’t it?? The real reason behind it is illusion. It is not water that is falling but sand from the beaches being swept off the plateau by oceanic currents. But it still looks awesome, right?

Planet Earth never fails to amaze us. Have you been to any of these wonders???

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