What are some of the most common false beliefs in India?

By | March 7, 2018
false beliefs in India

In India you’ll find many superstitions, or distorted beliefs, there are a ton of them. Mostly Hilarious! You’ll never understand why such superstitions exist in our country and unfortunately people believe and follow them.

Here are few false beliefs in India that amazes us:

#You were going somewhere and somebody sneezed, Ahhhh!!! your day is going to be bad.


How this can happen, there is no connection between sneezing and a bad day. You sneeze time to time that doesn’t mean you are ruining a good day.

#You don’t cut your nails on Thursdays.

cutting of nailssource

Why only Thursday not Saturday or any other day. Nobody ever asked why and if they asked nobody gave a genuine reason, they just follow this superstition.

#You’re hiccuping. Somebody’s missing you.


So sweet…isn’t it?? Next time you miss someone do call them and ask you’re hiccuping or not????? I was missing you LOL.

#You’re eating and you accidentally bite your tongue. Someone’s bitching about you somewhere.

accidentally biting tonguesource

Hilarious, isn’t it?? If this happens for real, the person you don’t like is surely going to hospitalized soon Ha Ha!!

#You tie lemon and a bunch of green chilies over your doors at your shop/home. Wards off the evil eye.

lemon and chilisource

Evil eye go away I have the power of lemon and green chilies(buri nazar wale tu nimbu mirchi khale).

#You had a dream early in the morning near 5 am?? Most likely it’s gonna come true.


It never happened never ever. I saw dreams after 5 and before 5 none of them came true, Ahhh!!(heart broken) need to sleep again. LOL. This is one of the false beliefs in India.

#You crossed/jumped over a person who’s lying down. You ruined the chances of growing taller.

kids jumping over one anothersource

This is the reason why you’re short, no need to consult a Pediatrician because you know the reason behind it, better you must go and find that person and take your revenge.

#You kept your footwear upside down. Now people in your family are gonna fight.

 footwear upside downsource

WOW…..Now I realized that the chocolates or remote or anything was not at all the reason of fight it was the damn footwear.

 #Shifting to a new house? Right foot first!

 Right foot first while entering housesource

Right foot or left no no its right because it is RIGHT HaHa!!

#The sound of a crow near the surroundings?? Somebody is gonna drop by!


Not just a bird a crow is a messenger of Yamraj(the lord of death). Never ever mess with crow never ever. LOL!!!!

#The Earth sits on a five-headed snake, if he moves there would be Earthquakes.

five headed snakesource

How one can hold something for the whole day without moving ….can you???? What if Sheshnaag quits his job. LOL

These were few false beliefs in India…..there are many more beliefs like this but no one questioned why we have to follow they just follow.

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