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Love Spicy Food? Try These 7 Spiciest Dishes Around The World

The hot burning mouth, the teary eyes and the sweaty forehead might scare others, but not a hot and spicy food lover. So, take a tour of the countries serving the world’s spiciest food: Spiciest Dishes Around The World #Suicide Chicken Wings From the United States, this appetizer has a combo of fiery hot sauce, pepper flakes and is garnished… Read More »

Amazon Prime Day Sale: TCL LED TV At Just Re 1, And More

Amazon Prime Day Sale: The exclusive sale for the Amazon Prime members starts at 12 pm today. Amazon is holding the sale simultaneously in 17 countries across the globe. The sale offers exclusive deals and discounts on a range of products including gadgets. Here are some hot deals from Amazon Prime Day Sale: #Huawei P20 Lite – Rs… Read More »

10 Bizarre World Records You Would Not Want To Beat

It is pretty cool to have your name at the top of a list knowing no one is better than you, isn’t it? But do you know there are world records that you wouldn’t want to beat? Yes, exactly. From farthest milk squirting using eyes to getting kicked on the groin, here are 10 bizarre world records you would definitely… Read More »

Stories Of Failure Which Inspire Us Not To Give Up

You can’t deny the fact that sometimes, it feels like things aren’t working out the way you want it. That the whole universe is against you. That your life is a complete mess, and your only wish is to experience more success but you get only failure. Failure is difficult to handle; but failure is the pillar to success.… Read More »