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Watch The Trailer Of Sunny Leone’s Biopic

The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone, Trailer Is Out! Sunny Leone’s Biopic India’s most Googled celebrity for the last couple of years but there must be only a few who might know her life story. The trailer begins with a green-room shot of present-day Sunny Leone, who appears to be prepping for an interview. Sunny plays herself in the film and Rysa Saujani,… Read More »

13 Indian Celebrities With Their Own Fashion Line

After making a huge impact in Bollywood and cricket field these Indians set to take on the fashion world, “Fashion is instant language”. Celebs are considered the perennial style icons. In recent times, we have seen several of our favorite celebs starting their fashion line. Indian Celebrity Fashion has truly arrived! Here is the list of brands owned by these… Read More »

Anukreethy Vas Crowned Femina Miss India 2018

From Femina Miss Tamil Nadu to the crown of Femina Miss India 2018. Her journey was not that easy. Anukreethy Vas is a 19-year-old student from Tamil Nadu. Anukreethy has been raised by a single mother she lost her father at very early age. She is currently pursuing a BA degree in French at Loyola College in Chennai to… Read More »

These Skin Care Tips Will Soothe Your Body This Summer

Is Your Is Sensitive To Over Exposed Sun ? Are You facing Sun Tan, hyper pigmentation, De-pigmentation, red spots or dullness related issue, then this is for you try these Summer Skin Care Tips . Here are some tips that will surly help you to recover from these problems and you will get a glowing healthy skin. Remember… Read More »

Did You Know The 8 Most Expensive Prostitutes In The World?

Countries like India where prostitution still raises a lot of eyebrows. But then there are countries where prostitution is legal, and there are some who are richest and fret not over what people say about them! They charge the cash you can’t even imagine just for spending a night! Thousands of websites are running especially for the prostitute,… Read More »

14 Best Gowns Worn By Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is one Bollywood actress who has gone a long way from doing Hindi films to Hollywood shows and films. But since the time PC is in Hollywood, she is been seen as a fashion icon. Her dresses are very much appreciated all around the globe especially the gowns she wears. So, let’s have a look at the… Read More »

10 Questions About Boobs Men Always Secretly Wanted To Ask Women

Let’s begin this by saying ‘Men will be men,’ and there’s nothing you can do about it. LOL, It’s natural that people have questions about opposite gender, isn’t it? This is also true that men have been fascinated by boobs since forever. Here are some answers to women and their boobs which will clear your thoughts, so men… Read More »

8 Roles Played By Kajol That Made Us Love Her All The More!

Bollywood actresses Kajol has been in the industry for more than two decades now. From comedy to serious to villainous, Kajol’s versatility is absolutely unmatchable, which is why she continues to top the list of our favorite actresses. She holds the record for most ‘Best Actress’ wins at the ceremony, from her first debut in 1992 ‘Bekhudi’ to highest-grossing… Read More »

How to Mix and Match Indian Outfits for Indo Western Styles

Indo western- the beautiful fusion of Indian wear like saree, salwar kmaeez, lehenga , saree blouse with the western wardrobe. Remember the chaniya choli, the beautiful lehenga you wore, and the Dhoti pant? Well, we’re pretty sure that most, if not all, of these pretty clothes you got are lying in some abandoned corner of your wardrobe because we feel like ‘yeh toh occasion… Read More »

Bollywood Actresses Who Never Gone For Plastic Surgery!

Plastic surgeries or cosmetic surgeries is way very common among celebs these days. While there are many famous names in the industry who have undergone cosmetic surgeries, but there are few celebs who said ‘no’ to the artificial methods for looking better. Wanna Know who are they?? Well here is the list of the celebs who said ‘NO’… Read More »