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ISRO Has Successfully Conducted The Vikas Engine Ground Test – Watch Details

Watch Details of ISRO’s Vikas Engine Ground Test ISRO Has Successfully Conducted The Vikas Engine Ground Test that would improve the payload capability of the space agency’s launch vehicles. The whole duration of the test is for 195 seconds which was conducted by scientists at the ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC) in Mahendragiri in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The above details are confirmed by the the Indian… Read More »

Have A Look of The First Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw

Get Ready For A Cool Ride Even In The Auto-Rickshaws The General Secretary of the Bihar State Auto Rickshaw Association, Mr. Rajkumar Jha said that the association had submitted the proposal for launching a prepaid Air-Conditioned Autorickshaw service around a month ago. He added ” We are already in talks with various auto manufacturers and one of them has told… Read More »

Have You Heard About Oleophobic Coating?

Oleophobic coating when used on touch capacitive displays reduces the screen glare as when the light falls on the display at just the right angle, it can create a blinding glare that reduces the brightness of the display making it difficult to see outdoors. An Oleophobic coating, however, protects against this phenomenon, improving visibility and overall utility. Oleophobic coatings… Read More »

These Skin Care Tips Will Soothe Your Body This Summer

Is Your Is Sensitive To Over Exposed Sun ? Are You facing Sun Tan, hyper pigmentation, De-pigmentation, red spots or dullness related issue, then this is for you try these Summer Skin Care Tips . Here are some tips that will surly help you to recover from these problems and you will get a glowing healthy skin. Remember… Read More »

8 Techniques To Help Improve Your Memory!

Effective learning can only be achieved if you’re able to focus your complete attention on what you are trying to learn. Here are tips to improve memory: #Read Read Read Reading your textbook, academic articles and journals will broaden your understanding. Make shorter notes for yourself and then study own notes. #Listen To Audio Listen to the audio… Read More »