Best Way To Initiate Conversation With The Girl You have A Crush

By | April 6, 2018
Initiate Conversation With The Girl

When you approach a girl you like, it takes some amount of courage to start a conversation with her..right???? While doing that, the conversation just stays at polite introductions or say a few awkward lines. You just need to remember what are the things you should, can and must talk about. It isn’t rocket science really. But a little sense of humor and courage can give you a better result.

Here are few things you need to know:

#Pick a topic you know she would love discussing with you

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Topics like, her favorite book or musician or even what she does as a hobby? Those are worthy questions. Those are worthy questions and they can never go unanswered! Don’t ask her silly questions like “weren’t you looking back at me as well”? or “you have great hair, what shampoo do you use” are usually dumb and rhetorical in nature.

#How you present yourself and what your body language is like

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How you present yourself is another important thing to keep in mind. It’s really exciting when the girl you’re interested in shows her interest in you too. Wow isn’t it??..Just don’t take the conversation where she would probably feel cornered or uncomfortable. Keep the dirty & smart talk far-far away. The whole idea is to first build her interest and keep it intact, so she doesn’t get bored and walk away!

#Look out for her comfort while in a conversation with her

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If you make her feel uncomfortable at any point in time, it’s going to go down in her head.  Keep smiling and throw some amount of healthy flirting her way, look into her eyes when she’s talking to you, so she’s engaged in you.

#Need to have a sense of humor

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Your sense of humor doesn’t have to be impeccable, you don’t really have to be the funny guy. You just need to be the happy and fun guy she can be herself around. If you’re happy and trying your attempt at being funny too, you have her attention for that moment and she is all yours.

#It’s good to express yourself but wait don’t be non-stop talker

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It’s great to go out on a date if you like someone isn’t it?? It’s good to express yourself and talk to your heart’s content but be careful make sure you’re not a non-stop talker. She may not enjoy your non-stop banter. If she’s interested in your long-drawn conversations, she will ask you important questions and carry the conversation forth. If she isn’t, she won’t say a word and try and cut you short. so, pay attention!

If you keep these pointers in mind, before starting a conversation with someone you like, you’re sure to get lucky and score a wonderful date with her.

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