Assumptions About Independent Women That Are Completely Wrong

By | January 27, 2018
Independent women

Here are few assumptions that are completely wrong about an Independent Women:

1. They don’t care what you think.

Everyone cares, but we don’t give a shit about society. But while she may care, she isn’t going to let someone’s opinion cripple her.

women and society

2. They’re cold-hearted.

It’s not true. How does someone’s level of independence have anything to do with how nice/bitchy they are?

sensual women

3. If they’re single, they’re only pretending to enjoy it.

Some people genuinely like being on their own.There’s nothing wrong with that.

happy women

4. They don’t want relationships.

Considering yourself an independent woman doesn’t cancel out a desire for companionship.

companionship and women

5. They’re only this way because of a terrible past heartbreak.

Our lil’ hearts torn apart at some point, it happens. But a confident,woman doesn’t always have some break up related trauma.

women and men

 6. They never doubt themselves.

They are human, not robots.


7. They rely on money from their parents.

Society wouldn’t assume the same about a man. But when a woman lives on her own and seems to be doing well,they assume like Mommy and Daddy must be paying.

women and money

8. They’re constantly having sex.

Being independent, doesn’t always mean you’re single or doesn’t mean you’re getting laid 24/7.

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