The Singer Ankit Tiwari Going to tie a Knot With Pallavi

By | February 21, 2018
Ankit Tiwari ties a Knot with Pallavi Shukla

The Singer Ankit Tiwari Going to tie a Knot With Pallavi

Ankit Tiwari is a Bollywood Singer. He got famous in the year 2013 because of the song “Sunn Raha Hain Tu” from the movie Aashiqui2. The song was a super duper hit. Even it is still in the race of most popular romantic song. People love his singing talent so much after the huge contribution, although he had sung so much of song earlier, he got famous for particularly this song.After that, he had given  Galliyan (Ek Villain), Tu Hai Ki Nahin and Boond Boond (Roy) and Tu Jo Hai (Mr. X). Keeping this aside if we talk about his engagement then we can say that it is a very typical north Indian Arrange Marriage though even marriage is not held yet only the engagement ceremony has completed successfully last night on 20th of February and very soon Ankit Tiwari Going to tie a Knot with his fiancee Pallavi Shukla.

Ankit Tiwari Going to Tie a Knot with Pallavi Chopra

Ankit Tiwari Going to tie a Knot with Pallavi Shukla. Who is She? Where she Belong from? what does she do? These are the very first question that might strike to anybody’s mind. We are here to answer all these kinds of stuff. Pallavi Shukla is a mechanical engineer based in Bengaluru from past ten years. According to some resources, it has been cleared that Singer Ankit Tiwari met Pallavi Shukla on the recommendation of his grandmother. However, they met before on a train journey from Kanpur to Delhi. Here are some picture and video clip found on the Twitter account.

Ankit Tiwari shared an adorable picture on his Instagram account with the caption “I will spend an eternity loving you, caring for you, respect you, showing you every day that I hold you as high as the stars.” Ankit Tiwari has also shared his memory while meeting Pallavi for the first time with family. He added “Once dadi announced that Pallavi would be the family’s daughter-in-law, everyone agreed. I’m happy that the family is happy and a little nervous too. She is a very sweet and simple girl. During our first meeting, there were 10 others seated between us. I’ve introduced her (Pallavi) and her family to my work and life in Mumbai where she will live after marriage.”

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