All About Allergy || Causes || Symptoms

By | January 25, 2018
All about allergy

All About Allergy-

What is Allergy

Allergy is basically an unnatural or over reaction of our immune system against any external factor like pollution, food etc. This is drastically becoming a noticeable problem among the teenagers also.
The factor that causes to an allergy is called allergen. These allergens are not actually the virus or bacteria in fact they are the organic things like micro parts of weat, seeds or small particle of flowers, nuts or any other kind of small particle which present in the environment naturally that cause Allergy, and that is the major reason that not everyone gets effected with these allergens even if we all are living in the same environment. That is why we notice that a few members in a single family get affected of a particular allergen.

All about allergy

Everybody has its own immune defensive system, when a person of lower immune system gets interact with allergens that highly effect its immune system then it is an obvious thing to get effected with that Allergy, but at the same time a person with higher immune system will never get effected when it get in contact with the allergen. So all these depends on person to person or body to body.

Types Of Allergy

There are many types of Allergy

Food Allergy

All about allergy

Some time we take some food which we are not habituated or never have before it might possible to get an allergy with that food. Because our body is not use to with that food and if our body is unable to  digest that food then it may cause indigestion or stomach pain like issues, So it is a better opinion to have a very little amount of that food which we are not use or new to that one.

Skin Allergy

all about allergy

well it might seen that very much of us have some these types of marks on our body there may a relatively mass of cause due to that these types of marks appears, most of the time it is because of the very long exposure to sun in other words we can say that due to sun burn, but still there are many other reason cause to this is like any type of fiber or any kind of fungal infection which increases when it get contact with anybody.

Dust Allergy

all about allergy

Sometimes we see that many of us get a regular couple of sneezing or running nose or nasal congestion because of the dust and pollution outside. They are said to Dust Allergic.They should avoid to get out without any kind of protection. Doctors suggest them to always wear a mask type of things to protect from pollution or dust.

Insect Sting

All about allergy

Many of us have insect sting allergy, in these type of allergy person get affected with any type of insect like bee, ant, mosquito, fly insect. Actually these type of insect has acidic acid when they bite to that person who is highly effected with these allergy they get a serve condition. Although all the human get effected with any insect bite but not everyone get the serve condition like the allergic one. So it is advised to be better to avoid any kind of insect bite.

Pet Allergy

All about allergy

Pets are like Dog and Cat are not allergen to everyone that’s why some of us love pet but on the other side some people have allergy with Pets. It all depends on their internal body part.

Eye Allergy

All about allergy

Sometime we notice that while watching television computer screen for a long time our eyes get watery or itchiness or redness in eye this may be a cause to an eye allergy. Many of us visit a doctor for this or some use lenses glass or use eye drops etc, it is advised to cure your eyes as soon as you see the symptoms.

Reason of Allergy

There can be many reason of Allergy like uncommon digestive system, Low immune system and many more. Sometime our digesting system is not able to digest the food we take and that cause to an Allergy and in the same way when our immune system is low then it becomes a major chance to get infected with the Allergy

Symptoms of Allergy

If you have allergy then your body start reacting within a few minutes after getting interact with in a few minutes after getting interact with the allergen. Sometime it may take time to react. Allergic reaction can vary from mild to serve. Mostly allergy are mild but when we ignore it and keep going interacting with the allergen then it may take a serve condition.

If an Allergy gets inside the body with oxygen while breathing then it might harm nose, lungs, eyes and if allergen is eaten then it may cause oral infection or vomiting like irritation.

Seasonal Allergy

he effect of seasonal Allergy vary from mild top serious the most symptoms are as follows


  • Nasal congestion
  • Scratchy throat
  • Watery or Itchy Eyes
  • Rashes
  • Hives( itchiness stop in skin )
  • Different Swallowing
  • Abdominal Pain\Cramping
  • Nausea or Vomiting
  • Swelling of faces, eyes or tongue
  • Unconsciousness

Basic cures Against Allergy

Once you identify that you are allergic to an Allergy then try these things to avoid with yourself:

  • Try to avoid to get in contact with that particular allergen.
  • Seek all the medical treatments and care it.
  • Always carry medications wherever you go.


It is not possible to get well absolutely with this treatment, but these will definitely help you to prevent future allergic reaction.

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