9 Special Instances In Every Girl’s Life

By | February 19, 2018
girl's life

However, being a girl has its own merits. Let’s accept that life isn’t easy for a girl and continues to challenge her at every little step if you know what I mean!

Here are few things every girl remembers and cherishes those moments. Let’s check them out!

Turning 13!

turning 13

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Bidding goodbye to her 12th year, is a special moment for every girl. The age of 13 gives a girl freedom to do a lot of things. Along with that, there is also the excitement of entering the teenage.

 Girl’s First Period


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Getting your first period, sharing information and advises, which product should I use? How do I manage my period? Ahhhhh… lots of queries. Though your first period was painful and you felt like dying, but first is always special.

First trip to the beauty parlour


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While watching their mom getting all these girls always dreams of having the same for themselves. Waxing, pedicures, manicures, nail art, facial, hair spa..and the list goes on. And the best part was the compliments that followed.

School farewell

school farewell

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Farewells are always special. Since its the time in which they can dress up the way they want and can look like a diva. A special moment for a girl’s life.

First successful try in kitchen


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First time in the kitchen feels like landing on an isolated island. But if it turns into a successful venture than there is a lot of appreciation by family and maybe even few gift.

Being proposed for the first time!


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The first proposal is always a memorable moment for a girl. It doesn’t who, when and how proposed. The thing that matters is that someone proposed.

Her first job

girl's life and job life

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It’s a moment of proud for a girl when she gets her first job letter. The best part is the proud look in her parent’s eyes which makes the already special moment extra special.

 The wedding day

 girl's life and marriage

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This is one of the most memorable days in every girl’s life! The moment when she seals her faith with someone and decides to live her life with her partner.

Entering motherhood

motherhood girl's life

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Then comes the moment when she holds her little bundle of joy after those painful hours of being in labour. It’s said that a girl takes two birth; the first time when her mother gives her the birth and the second time when she gives birth. This is a girl’s second birth moment and no doubt the best moment of her life.

So this is how beautiful it is to be a girl. Always be proud of your womanhood.

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