9 Reasons Why Your Female Friendships Are The Best Part Of Your Life

By | April 13, 2018
Female Freinships

There are friends, there is family and then there are friends that become family. There is no bond in this world as sacred as that between our girlfriends. Having a group of solid female friends is life altering. You will always have someone to listen to your sorrows, and give solutions to your problems.

Here are 9 reasons why your female friends are absolutely amazing:

#If anyone hurts you, they’ll destroy that person

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Ahhhhh…no one can mess up with you..because she will tear into pieces if someone tries to hurt you or annoys you..be thankful for having her..she’s is all you need.

#Even the most awkward sex questions will always be answered

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You don’t need google to answer your questions because she is your complete Wikipedia you can’t doubt her, never ever.She has the answer to your every question.

#From kitchen hacks to hair hacks, you’ll have the tried and tested reports from them all

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She is your Sapna Bhavnani and Vikas Khanna at the same time…you don’t need anyone all you need patience to convince her..(tough work isn’t it)

#Sometimes, when you feel bleh and just need someone to sit with you in silence, you’ll be sorted

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She can tolerate your drama, mood swings, she can slap you if you act like an jerk..but she is there every time you need her.

#You’ll always have a shoulder to cry on… even if it is at 4am

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Imagine you’re eating oreo truffles while dreaming and suddenly you hear someone sobbing, you are like Ahhh..not again  and you know who it can be your darling BFF is crying again surprise surprise. Bad breakup or whatever is the reason She’ll hold your hand through it.

#Every time you go out together, your girlfriends will be the best wing women on earth

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It’s always fun having your darling BFF around you. You don’t realize you’re making memories, you just know you’re having fun.

#Don’t know what to do and the deadline is here? She’ll sort things while you panic

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She’s your jadu ki chhadi , she has got solutions for each and every problem. Don’t panic keep calm you BFF is here.

#If you don’t know how to respond to your boss/boyfriend/random stranger harassing you, your girlfriends will put their minds together and come to your rescue

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She is your super hero, she can kick their asses off whoever harasses you. Nobody can mess with you, and in case if someone tries he/she is going to suffer badly.

So, you will always have someone to laugh at your dumb jokes, someone to share your happiness with. She will hold your hand through tough times, and be there as the unfaltering support systems you need. BFF love!!!!!

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