9 Everyday Indian Ironies That Never Cease To Amaze Us

By | February 26, 2018
Indian Hypocrisy

From politicians to parents, men to women, everyone around is hypocritical without even knowing it or they know but simply ignore.

As they say, it happens only in India! Let’s find out what are those things:

#We won’t spend money on a girl’s education but will shell out lakhs on her wedding in the name of dowry

Indian Hypocrisy dowrysource:  Media India Group 

If you want to empower daughters give them education and make them self-sufficient rather than spending it on lavish weddings. Give skills to your daughters; it is the biggest empowerment.

#It is vulgar to say ‘chutiya” but cool to say ‘asshole’

Indian Hypocrisysource: Redbubble 

We find it cool saying asshole,bullshit but what about saying chutiya does it sounds vulgar to them???

#We won’t stop at the red light but will stop if a cat crosses the road

Indian Hypocrisysource: Mythical India

You will blame a cat for crossing your path if your day wasn’t good, but when you need to stop at the signals you simply don’t.

#We clean things with the dirtiest cloth in the house

Indian Hypocrisysource: taskbob

This is kind of weird thing, isn’t it?? You’ll use the dirtiest cloth for cleaning your house, but will never buy a dusting cloth it cost too much. They are happy with the cloths which are available at home.

#We ride bikes without helmets that’s swag

Indian Hypocrisy source: Deccan Chronicle

We don’t follow traffic rules nor wear a helmet, they think wearing a helmet is not at all cool they can argue with the traffic police and few amount will be enough to keep his mouth shut.

#We’ll feed idols but not the poor

Indian Hypocrisysource: Prokerala.com

We believe that the idols need to be feed everyday, they need a house and people to take care for… how pathetic, they can’t feel the same for the one who need the most, Indian hypocrisy.

#Marrying older men is okay but marrying older women is not

Image result for old woman marrying a young in indiasource: SBS

Why always a woman, why??????? marrying an old man is not at all a problem but if the woman is older than the man, it’s not at all acceptable they think she is not married may be she has some issues.

#Girls are considered both ‘Laxmi’ and ‘Bojh at the same time

Image result for Girls are considered both 'Laxmi' and 'Bojh at the same timesource: Quartz

When a girl child is born she is Goddess laxmi, but sooner or latter they realize she is not they have to pay the dowry when she will get married, Indian hypocrisy.

#We’ll pollute the same rivers we consider ‘holy’

Indian Hypocrisysource: LifeGate

This is an another example of Indian hypocrisy, we feel proud worshiping the rivers we consider them holy but at the same time we pollute them. We forget the water is getting polluted day be day and making it toxic. But when it comes to rituals we believe that the water is the purest form.


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