8 Types of Hairstyle for party

By | February 8, 2018

Easy hairstyle for Party

1. Ponytail with puff

Having hair off your face gives a different looks at party .Basically it shoots on we u wear a India dresses or wear some Classic dresses.

ponytail with puff

 2. Intricate Indian party updo

This juda gives most perfect looks specially on sari or any Indian dreeses. If you are going on party and wearing a sari this  juda gives a good and decent looks.Another plus point of juda is it will not disturb you on time of dancing or on time of enjoyment.


3. Open hairstyle with locks

If you have long hair just try this hairsyle in open hair with curls which gives you different looks from back. Usually try this when you wear Lehenga’s on any occasion, any party or any festival.

open hair hairstyle

4. Color-up hairstyles

Sometimes We get bore with same kind of hair. we want some different looks of hair.On that mean of time we can used temporary hair colormate of some famous brandes. So that it couldnot harm our hair.As we know hair is only where the beauties come.

color hairstyle

5. Top Knot hairstyle.

When we are in hurry for somewhere.The simple and best hairstyle is Top knot hairstyle.It  becames a famous hairstyle for teenagers when they are hurry for work or for college.

top knot haistyle

6. Straight and Sleek

The sleek and shiny hairstyle with ironed hair gives instant look for a party. we can use instant hair also for straight hairstyle

sleek straight hair

7. French Twist Pony

. French Twist pony is adaptable for all special events and all dreeses. If there is no Occasion for daily purpose also you can try this hairstyle.It also gives simple and good looks.

french twist pony

8. Flowers in Your Hair

Create your own favorite type of hairstyle and use fresh or artificial flowers on that hairstyle also gives a different looks.It work best on long hair Specially this hairstyle shoots on Marraige party ceremony.

flower hairstyle

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