8 Traits of a Typical Marwari You Can Relate To

By | April 17, 2018
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Each one of us has at least one Marwari contact in our friend list isn’t it?? Paise ke pakke, Marwaris are a cute bunch. Here are a few things that you will relate to if you’re a Marwari  or if you have Marwari friends.

#Money is honey

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Every lie that a Marwari speaks: Paise ki Baat Koni.” Yes, saving money is in a Marwari’s blood.  They will never overspend,they  will underspend. Ha Ha !!!!

#Love for Bhujia and Papad

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Every Marwari’s favorite, no doubt they have it every time they eat their meal. Probably that’s the reason why Haldiram’s is so famous, isn’t it??

#At least one of the family vacations is to a religious place

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They love to travel in big groups whether it is religious place or to the magical land of Rajasthan. Every single year.

#Alcohol is not their cup of tea

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Usually they don’t drink or smoke you can it’s their personal choice, this remains a rule generally.  They have so many amazing non-alcoholic drinks to offer like Jal-Jeera, Thandai, Chhachh etc etc.

#Special menu for travel

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If you ever got a chance to travel with a Marwari and you will see a special menu for the journey. It’s all planned from aloo-puri, achar, bhujia sev, mithai.

#Born foodies

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Dal baati churma, gatte and kadhi, Mirchi ke pakode the buffets are the most lavish ones. If you want to impress a marwari mother, learn to cook daal baati. It works.

#Marwari weddings are known to be the best

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You’ll need the big tummy space. From the love for colors to love for food, a Marwari wedding is one full of opulence.

#Born businessman


They are born financial gurus, joining the family business is usually on the cards. They will never go bankrupt, because they have a secret piggy bank.

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